Leading Adviser 2019

168 Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2019 Jul19209 Acquisition International - Issue 8 2019 19 Jul19209 Powered by Professionalism, Quality and Innovation Caafer International is a consulting firm that provides professional services to companies and investors in Africa. Recently, we profiled the firm and caught up with AI’s Leading Taxation and Business Law Expert of the Year, Burkina Faso, Mahamady Zango who provided us with a detailed insight into the innerworkings of the successful company. stablished in 2013, Caafer International specializes within the areas of legal and tax expertise. Today, the firm supports their clients, on one hand to secure their investments whilst avoiding tax penalties from the tax authorities and on the other hand to optimize their tax burdens. Mahamady begins by going into further details about the services the firm delivers to their diverse range of clients from companies both large and small. “Here at Caafer International, our company is growing due to our absolute commitment with our customers to know them better and provide quality services to meet their needs. As a result, our customers are very satisfied with our services and they let us know either by notifying us directly or during the Design Thinking sessions that we organize regularly to ensure that we are always connected to the realities of our customers to better serve them.” Working behind the scenes to ensure that deadlines are met, a tailored service is provided and expectations are exceeded, is the hard-working, experienced and dedicated team which forms the backbone of Caafer International. When discussing the internal culture, Mahamady is keen to highlight the significant role the team plays in the overall success of the firm. “As a consulting company, our first resource is our highly qualified, highly experienced and highly committed men and women working alongside our clients to meet their needs. Ultimately, our staff plays a fundamental role in the success of our company.” Looking ahead to what the future holds for the firm, the team at Caafer International will continue to offer an exceptional service, which not only ensures that they meet their clients’ requirements but also surpasses their expectations. Bringing the interview to a close, Mahamady signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lies in the pipeline for Caafer International, touching on how 2019 is the year of progress for the firm. “The year 2019 is an important year in the progress of our company. Currently, we are engaged in a process of restructuring our company which will enter the group of companies of expertise enjoying a great reputation here, ‘Expertise Group’. As a result, our company will complete the range of professional services offered by the specialized subsidiaries of ‘Expertise Group’ in the area of Tax and Business Law, auditing and accounting, finance, customs and logistics, human resources management and insurance consulting and risk management.” Contact: Mahamady Zango Company: Caafer International Address: 12 BP 195 Ouagadougou 12, Ouagadougou, Kadiogo, Burkina Faso Email: zm@caaferinternational.com Web Address: www.caaferinternational.com E “As a consulting company, our first resource is our highly qualified, highly experienced and highly committed men and women working alongside our clients to meet their needs.”

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