Leading Adviser 2019

Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2019 155 Jun19477 Acquisition Internatio al - Issu 7 2019 61 Jun19477 Haley Guiliano is an international IP boutique law firm. Recently, the firm’s Peter Hale found success in AI’s Leading Adviser 2019 where he was selected as the Leading Engineering Patent Attorney of the Year, United Kingdom. Following this win, we caught up with Peter who provided us with a glimpse into the innerworkings of the successful law firm. stablished in 2017, Haley Guiliano is an intellectual property firm which specializes in patent law. With offices in Silicon Valley, New York City and London, Haley Guiliano’s UK premise is beginning to emerge as one the IP legal service providers of choice because of their clients appreciating the value added and coordinated advice due to their cross-border synergies. Peter begins by going into further detail about Haley Guiliano’s specialist areas and the services the firm provides to their diverse client base. “Here at Haley Guiliano, we tailor our relationship for every one of our clients, recognizing that a cookie-cutter approach to IP representations is not adequate. All of our senior patent professionals have experience in patent litigation and other contested proceedings, patent licensing, third party risk analysis, and monetisation. In preparing patent applications and prosecuting patent applications in patent offices around the world, we leverage our experience and knowledge to ensure that our clients’ patents withstand scrutiny and are meaningful in reaching business goals.” Working behind the scenes to ensure that deadlines are met and a tailored service is delivered, is the experienced, committed and passionate team which forms the backbone of Haley Guiliano. When discussing the internal culture, Peter is keen to highlight the significant role the teams play in the overall success of the firm. “Our teams play a crucial role in the success of HaleyGuiliano.We have teams of technical advisers with the best technological backgrounds that work on achieving insight into our client’s technologies and adding immense value in the process. Our paralegals are equally well regarded as being a vital interface on many issues. If the small things are handled well the big things often follow more easily. That is why we seek out the best most proactive legal staff available.” Looking ahead to what the future holds for the firm, the team at Haley Guiliano will continue to deliver an impeccable service to their clients ensuring that they not only fulfil the requirements which have been set but also surpass their expectations. Bringing the interview to a close, Peter signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the firm, but also touches on the challenges the team hope to overcome by taking an alternate route. “The London office is about to take off. As a result, we have made some very exciting hires that reflect the commercial and transactional edge we want to deliver in Europe, that is the same as the US. Contact: Peter Hale Company: Haley Guiliano International LLP Address: Central Court, London, WC2A 1AL, United Kingdom Telephone: +44 787 219 0897 Web Address: www.hglaw.com Reaching Business Goals E “As for the wider market, the IP filing and prosecution industry is suffering death by a thousand cuts. In general, the UK profession has, in parts, sought to address this by going to the next legally comfortable market they could find - litigation. This is comfortable because it is legal. However, we have taken a different tack. The future is in the commercial sector where patents matter on a continuing basis. The way we are positioning ourselves is, we believe, unique in Europe. A commercially driven legal firm that is creative with and for our clients in making IP work for the bottom line from day one.” “...we leverage our experience and knowledge to ensure that our clients’ patents withstand scrutiny and are meaningful in reaching business goals.” Leading Engineering Patent Attorney of the Year, United Kingdom

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