Leading Adviser 2019

150 Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2019 Aug19076 8 Acquisit on International - Issue 10 2019 An international consulting firm with offices in London, Miami and New York, Intercorp Group serves high-net- worth entrepreneurs and their families, finding solutions to often very personal issues. Founded by Leonardo Braune, discover why this firm’s success has to led to his recognition as one of the UK’s leading tax and wealth planning consultants for 2019. inding professional solutions to personal issues for ultra-high-net- worth clients, Intercorp has established its expertise in many areas of problem- solving, not just tax and wealth planning. The firm offers a wide lens approach to strategy consulting, investing a great deal of time and energy into understanding each client’s unique requirements before evaluating their complex, multidisciplinary and global needs. Originally founded as a tax consultancy, Intercorp has since grown to incorporate a greater breadth of services. The heritage of being a tax consultancy has enabled the firm and founder Leonardo to develop a much deeper understanding of their clients and their unique requirements, including everything from investment structures to interpersonal relationships. A primary concern of high-net-worth families is ensuring that their wealth continues to be sustainable, protected both now and for future generations. As a result, many families have long mobilised their assets internationally, safeguarding them against political, economic or social instability. Intercorp’s consultants have at their disposal a number of investment vehicles and structures, each of which can have a positive impact upon the tax liability of the investments they support. Planning for Future Financial Security F Aug19076 “Intercorp’s advisory and consultant services work primarily on the tax efficiency of structures, with client assets exceeding ten billion dollars.” Le di g Tax and Wealth Plan ing Cons ltant of the Year, the United Kingdom

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