Leading Adviser 2019

Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2019 137 Aug19373 34 Acquisition International - Issue 12 2019 Top Taiwanese Lawyers Secure Success Founded in 2007 by Jolene Wang, Lexcel Partners IP has quickly risen over the last twelve and a half years to become one of Taiwan’s premier law firms for intellectual property. Providing clients with efficient and quality services that far exceed even the highest standards, the firm has been recognised as Taiwan’s Leading Intellectual Property Law Firm of the Year. Discover the journey of success this law firm has been on so far, and why it is working hard to achieve even more as a new decade beckons. n traditional Chinese, the name of Lexcel Partners stands for harmony and peace, representing an unrelenting pursuit of balance in every legal case that the firm handles. In English, the name Lexcel represents a linguistic blend showcasing just how exceptional this firm is. With the Latin word “Lex” able to mean law, the firm rightly stands for legal excellence. Since the beginning of the firm more than twelve years ago, it has remained steadfast in its commitment to excellence and professionalism in all the areas of law in which it operates. Through an expert combination of legal prowess and technological understanding, Lexcel Partners has become incredibly proficient at helping clients deal with patent and trademark applications, protection cases, and disputes related to intellectual property. The firm also help clients with infringement assessments, evidence collection, warnings, civil and criminal litigation, and the strategies related to each of them. To further enhance the firm’s services, Lexcel Partners has established cross-border channels with foreign law firms to gain a deeper understanding of each individual legal issue when it arises. Fully equipped with knowledge pertaining to the Patent Act, Trademark Act, Copyright Act, and Trade Secret Act, the firm provides comprehensive legal consultations and services that go far beyond those of its competitors. Alongside the wealth of services that Lexcel Partners offers related to IP, it also aids clients with corporate investment, financial compliance, M&A, employment law, real estate, and more. Recruiting only the best and finest legal minds, all of the experts at Lexcel Partners have earned Master or higher degrees in law and business. Bringing with it the international knowledge of amultinational corporation and the local service of an independent business, Lexcel Partners ensure that clients get only the most tailor-made, practical and personal service. Those clients range from global institutions to local start-ups, each requiring the steadfast diligence that has been refined over twelve years of service. Determined to serve society in more than just the courtroom, Lexcel Partners also contributes towards various charities in Taiwan. More than just outstanding legal professionals, these individuals are outstanding people. As well as participating in a plethora of programs, each lawyer is expected to spend no less than 100 hours a year in pro bono activities, not necessarily restricted to legal work. Alongside free legal services, staff have also spent time teaching and doing community service to enhance their local areas and support in any way they can. I Under the sage guidance of founder Jolene Wang, Lexcel Partners IP has continued to grow from strength to strength, with professionalism, integrity, steadfastness and diligence at the heart of every action taken, and every case won. With solid core principles and exemplary legal skill, the firm can rest assured that this success will only continue to be recognised heading into 2020 and beyond. Company: Lexcel Partners IP Contact: Jolene Wang Website: www.lexgroup.com.tw/en_index.php “Fully equipped with knowledge pertaining to the Patent Act, Trademark Act, Copyright Act, and Trade Secret Act, the firm provides comprehensive legal consultations and services that go far beyond those of its competitors.” Leading Intell ctu l Property Law Firm of the Year, Taiwan

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