Leading Adviser 2019

126 Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2019 Nov19315 Acquisition International - Issue 1 2020 17 Hong Kong has been branded the “Divorce Capital of Asia”, the need not only to stem this tide, but to have excellent lawyers on hand to handle the case as efficiently, as compassionately, as carefully as possible. Jaerey Velasco is the model solicitor, taking a holistic approach to resolving disputes that ensure a happy ending can be reached for all parties. In the light of her award-winning success, we take a closer look at her and the firm that she works for. A Laudable Litigator stablished in Hong Kong, Payne Clermont Velasco is a litigation law firm with a local and international client base. It is also the home of Jaerey Velasco. Jaerey has an impressive amount of experience in the world of family law, both contentious and non-contentious. It is this experience that has made her such an asset to the firm in an arena that many would consider a challenge. The challenges in the process of a family separation are numerous, but when considering the various different elements that must be discussed as well, the problems become abundantly clear and increasingly myriad. Payne Clermont Velasco handle every aspect of the relationship including the distribution of interim maintenance, spousal maintenance and asset division. These are but a few of the many factors at play, without introducing the emotional baggage that these cases can carry. It is into this complex arena that Jaerey does her best work. Holding a Bachelor of Laws with Honours (2010) and Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (2011) from the City University of Hong Kong, Jaerey has had the time to put her academic qualifications to good use. She is the consummate professional, but always finds a way to personalize her work, meeting every client with a smile and determined to try a practical solution. This taking of the initiative allows people to trust their lawyer more quickly and gain a faster working relationship with them. Of course, hiring Jaerey means hiring the firm and the atmosphere is naturally one of support and help. With a team working behind every case, clients are assured of a swift conclusion to their cases. The firm is built on the cornerstones of high-quality legal service, gained over several years. What sets Payne Clermont Velasco’s apart from any other company is the placement of the client at the top of the priority list. Proud to fight their corner, this consistent, and successful attitude to litigation has earned a great deal of praise from clients. Many people who have used the firm before would use it again later. Of course, the preference for most would be no trial in the first place, and Jaerey regularly attends mediation and settlement meetings in order to assist in the resolution of outstanding ancillary relief and E children’s issues without threat of going into a long and awkward trial. Jaerey has also resolved numerous cases in the Financial Dispute Resolution hearings and Children’s Dispute Resolution in the Family Court. Jaerey has a sensible and pragmatic approach to getting the best results for her clients, even if at the time she comes across as overly pragmatic. Jaerey is not just an expert in family law but holds considerable experience in the realm of commercial and civil litigation at District Court, High Court and Court of Appeal levels. Steadfast and reliable, Jaerey provides clients with an expert eye on all things legal. Her focus on family law is to her credit but should not overshadow the skills she possesses in other areas. An essential part of Payne Clermont Velasco, Jaerey has established a strong reputation for the firm that won’t be shaken any time soon. Company: Payne Clermont Velasco Contact: Jaerey Velasco Contact Email: jaerey.velasco@payneclermont.com Web Address: www.payneclermont.com “Jaerey’s work ethic and legal acumen are enviable assets that serve her clients better than most. She works relentlessly to protect rights and interests with both a legal and moral perspective.” Leading Family Law Attorney of the Year, Hong Kong

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