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Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2019 123 Aug19165 Acquisition I ternational - Issue 10 2019 37 Excellent Employment Lawyers When it comes to employment law, clients of any legal firm want to know that they are in good hands. Dublin- based firm Anne O’Connell Solicitors is an Irish specialist employment law firm, able to address any employment law issues across Ireland. Also home to one of the country’s leading specialist employment and labour lawyers of the year, find out what makes this Irish firm so successful in their chosen legal arena. mployment law is a complicated arena of relationships and contracts, so it is important for anyone entering that arena to have the backing of a trusted and intelligent legal mind. At AOC Solicitors, clients get just that. The firm provides dedicated, expert employment legal advice that is tailored to every single unique client and their equally unique requirements. Working with employers, employees, and consultants, the firm offers a wide array of services, as well as access to a 24/7 employment law hotline for employer clients, training and seminars. Focusing on advising their clients on the best solutions to achieve their objectives while meeting their needs and business requirements, AOC Solicitors pride themselves on being an accessible and a dependable resource at all times. The firm continuously work with passion and commitment in delivering unrivalled service to support their clients in navigating and surmounting whatever employment law issues they may face. The beating heart of the firm is AnneO’Connell, who herself specialises in employment and labour law with an emphasis on issues that are, or may become, contentious. She advises clients in both the public and private sectors on how to make sure that they are in compliance with the maze that is Irish employment law without inhibiting the business. Anne also represents employees, ensuring that they know their legal rights, and how to deal with issues as they arise. A member of the Law Society Employment Law Committee, Anne also lectures and tutors on employment law in the Law Society of Ireland, offering training to clients’ managers and talking to industries. She is also a qualified New York Attorney, and advises on all issues from termination of employment, industrial relations, bullying in the workplace, redundancy, restructuring, equality issues, and transfer of undertakings. Clients of Anne can rest assured that she has experience representing clients at many levels, including going before the Workplace Relations Commission, the Employment Appeals Tribunal, the old Equality Tribunal, the Labour Court, the High Court, and the Circuit Court. As if all of that wasn’t enough, she also advises her clients on contracts and company policies to ensure that they are aligned with the ever- changing standards of case-law. Beginning her journey in 2001 shortly after qualifying as a solicitor, Anne left Byrne Wallace solicitors where she trained and began working as a solicitor in the State and European Litigation Section of the Chief State Solicitors Office. There, her work had included employment law advice, international arbitration and European cases. From there, she worked for William Fry as an employment law solicitor for just over ten year, before joining Sherwin O’Riordan as E a partner in 2014. In 2017, Anne decided to form her own specialist employment law firm, and thus AOC Solicitors was born. Understanding that markets and climates can change in an instant, Anne and her team are keenly aware of developments regarding Brexit and the unfolding effects. However, instead of seeing it simply as a challenge to overcome, AOC Solicitors are also eager to see it as an opportunity for their work with UK-based clients and businesses. Ultimately, the success of both Anne and her firm is down to their unrivalled ability to offer clear advice and concise guidance for clients experiencing tumultuous times in employment law. Drawing on a combined total of over 23 years in the legal arena, Anne and her team represent their clients with high levels of quality and passion, proving themselves to be a truly invaluable asset to any client that comes their way. Company: Anne O’Connell Solicitors Contact: Anne O’Connell Website: www.aocsolicitors.ie “The beating heart of the firm is Anne O’Connell, who herself specialises in employment and labour law with an emphasis on issues that are, or may become, contentious.” Leading Specialist Employment and Labour Lawyer of the Year, Republic of Ireland

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