Leading Adviser 2019

120 Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2019 Aug19181 38 Acquisit on International - Issue 10 2019 Dutch Lawyer Delivers Success With more than thirty years of experience working within the law industry, Antoine Endtz is a modern attorney who has remained dedicated to his passion throughout his career. Operating as the leading corporate lawyer of the year across The Netherlands, we examine Antoine’s work and career to unearth the secrets to his continued success. ounder and principal lawyer of Nextius Legal, Antoine brings three decades of legal experience to his advisory work across the Dutch corporate world. During his tenure, Antoine has seen it all, but remained passionate and enthusiastic who is committed to achieving the best possible results for his clients on a daily basis. An entrepreneurial presence in The Netherlands’ legal sector, Antoine’s practice specialises in corporate and commercial law, as well as mergers, acquisitions, and legal management services. Working with clients across the corporate sector, Antoine has completed work for large and medium-sized retail, food, industrial and technology companies. On top of his legal work, he also acts as a strategy consultant to help many of his client companies formulate answers to today’s fast-moving corporate playing field. Thanks to his solid experience in commercial and litigation practices, coupled with a client-focused vision, Antoine is often asked to support other law firms and service providers on a specific topic. These topics can range from client servicing and acquisition, to the development of a client-oriented strategy for the future. Looking to the future after Antoine’s work with a client is complete, he also offers inhouse training on a wide range of legal subjects, including corporate governance and litigation management. Contributing to more than just innovations in practicing law, Antoine also contributes greatly to his activities outside the corporate meeting rooms. On top of his various advisory functions with client companies and corporations, Antoine has also spent eight years as chairman of the French Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands. Besides running his firm, Nextius Legal, Antoine is also responsible for the establishment of the Mendtz & Co. foundation. Realising the need for sound legal advice to certain groups, the foundation contributes to socially responsible entrepreneurships and charitable organisations by offering free legal advice. Mendtz & Co. support those organisations in setting up sponsorship programs, fundraising and a myriad of legal issues. Utilising the best and brightest law students who are in the final stages of their studies, Mendtz & Co. use specially-selected students who bring their outstanding performances to help charitable organisations. One great example of Antoine’s work with Mendtz & Co. is through their support of the Free A Girl foundation. The charity works to free young girls from forced prostitution and prosecute the offenders responsible, whilst Antoine and his team provide free legal assistance and guidance to help as many young women as possible. F Antoine’s ability to see all aspects of a case and deliver outstanding results have helped him establish a reputation as an excellent, trustworthy and intellectual legal adviser. His work both in and out of legal arenas is admirable, and corporations working in The Netherlands can rest easy that there is a more than capable lawyer there, always ready to help. Company: Nextius Legal Contact: Antoine Endtz Website: www.nextius.nl “His work both in and out of legal arenas is admirable, and corporations working in The Netherlands can rest easy that there is a more than capable lawyer there, always ready to help.” Leading Corporate Lawyer of the Year, Neth lands

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