Leading Adviser 2019

118 Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2019 Mar19355 22 Acquisit on International - Issue 10 2019 Founded in 2002 and now a market leader for IT recruitment in the Netherlands, Personnel Search IT Recruitment is one of the most reliable and professional offices within the industry. With a strong reputation for professionalism and success built by an elite team of senior IT recruiters, find out why this Dutch firm is one of the leading IT recruiters for the Netherlands in 2019. ince the company’s formation in 2002, Personnel Search has been successful in filling high-end IT positions across the Netherlands. Being a niche office means that the careful attention to detail seldom afforded by major firms can here be offered, and in abundance. Through experience, the company understand that themselves, as well as the candidates and clients have a great amount of knowledge regarding the IT market at the moment, putting it to use finding skilled workers for each client. Acting as one of the most reliable and trusted IT recruitment agencies in The Netherlands, Personnel Search’s reputation precedes them. Their renown as a professional and successful agency was built by an elite team of senior IT recruiters. Choosing to support only a limited number of clients, the firm are enabled to give them the attention they deserve, dedicating their time to each individual assignment whilst making effective use of their network. With more than 24 years of experience within the IT recruitment industry, Marc Vermeulen is the driving force behind Personnel Search. Beginning his career at Tempo Team in Amsterdam, he then went on to work for Alexander Mann Solutions in Great Britain and for the Manpower Group (Elan IT) in the Netherlands, where the IT industry was always his specialization. Today, Marc trains and manages the people within his team with great passion. A fast-growing industry that is constantly searching for new candidates and colleagues, Personnel Search is a dynamic, youthful organisation where out-of-the-box creative thinking coupled with a sense of humour make for the best IT technicians. A professional and commercial working atmosphere are maintained at all times, with the Personnel Search team consisting of experienced consultants who know what they are talking about. The result is a community of driven and ambitious individuals who all enjoy the challenge of the current IT market. In the current industry, where there is an increasing shortage of IT staff, that drive and ambition to succeed is what makes the difference. Keeping the relationship between company and client sharp and challenging helps Personnel Search creates a basis for a lasting relationship and shared success. The firm appreciate a challenging collaboration between candidates and clients, wanting to make a difference by working quickly and professionally to find IT solutions. Leading Dutch IT Recruiters Plug in to Market Needs S With digitalisation playing such a pivotal role in the development of all kinds of businesses, Personnel Search often find themselves doing work for a myriad of companies. Currently working with one of the largest cheese manufacturers in The Netherlands, the firm work with their clients to understand them and their unique needs, better representing them in the labour market. Any organisation wants to be able to handle peaks immediately, and at those times clients can count on Personnel Search. All the way through the process, everything is arranged by the company, taking recruitment off their clients hands and ensuring that the best candidate for the job is selected. Motivated employees dedicate themselves to any client organisation on a temporary basis or detailed structure as the company acts as employer, fulfilling all obligations. From the salary to the annual statement, the guidance of the employee, training - everything is arranged by the firm. Operating as an agency instead of a standard contractor, Personnel Search also offer secondment of IT staff and headhunting services. The firm work tailor-made, and bring in-house knowledge across all areas of IT recruitment. Behind every experienced recruiter is a team of diverse internal employees ready to help. Secondment of IT staff through Personnel Search is helpful for the clients, as they are able to specify that they are searching for specific knowledge. The firm’s permanent employees have worked for a multitude of organisations, gathering to them a broad professional Mar19355 Company: Personnel Search IT Recruitment BV Contact: Marc Vermeulen Website: www.personnelsearch.nl “...Personnel Search often find themselves doing work for a myriad of companies. Currently working with one of the largest cheese manufacturers in The Netherlands, the firm work with their clients to understand them and their unique needs...” Leading IT Executive Search R cruitment Firm of the Year, Netherlands

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