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Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2019 109 Acquisition Internatio al - Issu 9 2019 6 Aug19048 Superb Spanish Lawyer Secures Success Spanish law firm Bojorge & Associates is an international corporate and immigration law firm operating out of Valencia, and is home to Marla Vanessa Bojorge Zúñiga, one of the country’s leading corporate immigration and nationality lawyers of the year. As one of 2019’s leading legal advisers, we profile Marla’s legal work and achievements to find out the reasons behind her success. arla Bojorge is the owner of Bojorge & Associates, a firm which specialises in delivering a wide variety of services within the corporate and immigration law arenas. Primarily focusing on immigration law and Spanish visa assistance, the firm provides businesses, employees, foreign resident and non-resident citizens with legal and consulting services. Marla also helps clients with purchasing property or investment projects in Spain. Expertly combining her legal prowess with a dedication to detail, Marla and her firm provide outstanding service with speed and sensitivity. Working with a wide variety of clients on immigration, visa, and translation issues, there is very little that this legal powerhouse and her business cannot handle. Beginning her journey in 1990, Marla first graduated with a degree in Law from the University of Valencia in 1995. She studied how to be a judge from 1995-1999 in Valencia with a Prosecutor learning in private classes, as she thought it was hard to be a Judge as civil servant, she gave one year off. Having graduated, Marla then went on to continue plying her trade across the world. In Switzerland, she learned from The Court of First Instance à Le Chateau, in Porrentruy. In 2004, she went on to graduate with a Master’s degree in Law and Business in Valencia, but when she earned her degree understood that her position was the same as other lawyers, so she asked and was interviewed by the Woman Institute in Valencia and was chosen to receive an entrepreneur course supported by the European Union funds and obtained a further degree by the Business School EOI as winner of an award as women entrepreneur, then move to the United States where she learned for a time with Kavanagh Maloney & Osnato LLP in Manhattan, New York. Then in 2006, the Spanish Ministry of Economy (ICO) chose her for a grant at the UIBE, University of Business and Economy located in Beijing to study economics, Chinese language and human resources, then she by herself obtained another degree in Law from the People’s Republic of China issued by the Chinese Ministry of Education. Since then, she has gone on to become a Fellow of the Center for International Legal Studies in Austria, and a member of the International Bar Association. Working as the sole contributor for the Spanish chapter of the Global Business Immigration Handbook and International Comparative Legal Guides ICLG. Marla is also actively raising awareness and knowledge surrounding immigration laws and practices. In addition to this, she has published articles in Kluwer Law International, the International Law Office, the Global Mobility Handbook, and our very own Acquisition International magazine. M Upon returning to Spain and founding her own law firm, Bojorge & Associates, Marla has since found phenomenal success. Garnering legal accolades from across the world, her work in the immigration and corporate arenas has not gone unnoticed. Boasting an extensive collection of awards, this legal mind has won the attention of some of the world’s most prestigious legal publications. To name but a few, Marla and Bojorge & Associates have been named Corporate Immigration Law Firm of the Year in Spain every year in Corporate INTL Global awards from 2016 onwards, including several other wins in 2010, 2011, and 2012. Every year since 2011, she has been named in Who’s Who Legal for her work as a corporate immigration lawyer, and Acquisition International has recognised her work in the past. The phenomenal success of Marla and her firm is down to her unwavering commitment to help people during an understandably distressing time in their lives. Immigration and visa law is seldom simple, but with Marla’s internationally-refined and expert legal ability, clients can rest assured that they are in the best hands possible. Company: Bojorge & Associates Contact: Marla Vanessa Bojorge Zúñiga Website: www.visalawspain.com Leading Corporate Immigration and Nationality Lawyer of the Year, Spain

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