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106 Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2019 Jul19481 2 Acquisition International - Issue 9 2019 Boasting a team of specialist lawyers recognised in their respective practice areas, Portuguese legal firm Abecasis, Moura Marques and Associates provide advice and assistance. Tailored to the needs of each of our clients, the company are dedicated to supporting clients in developing solutions for the future. See why one founding partner, Paulo de Moura Marques is one of the leading public and administrative lawyers of 2019 across Portugal. ounded in October 2012, AAMM is a team of specialised lawyers who handle public law, public procurement, and associated litigations and arbitrations matters on a daily basis. Together with a close relationship to clients, the firm help to develop strategies, minimise risks, and achieve goals effectively. Complex cases are dealt with determination and efficiency, ensuring results and presenting to best solutions for mitigating risk whilst maximising return on investment. AAMM lawyers are experienced in a wide variety of jurisdictions, with clients from public institutions and entities, financial institutions, consultancy companies and insurance firms. Clients are advised on an extensive range of projects, including roads, railways, pharmaceuticals, tourism, investment, infrastructure and residential projects. Regardless of where and what operations take place, this legal firm work alongside their international counterparts to provide clients with solid support. AAMM are committed to providing quality legal services that are delivered in an innovative way, by a leading team of dedicated lawyers with in-depth knowledge of their clients’ businesses. Believing that the best results emerge from that knowledge and interaction, the firm propose opportunities and anticipate needs to support clients in developing their businesses. Those close levels of support to the client with an understanding of their interests and needs allows excellent levels of success to be achieved. One of the founding partners, Paulo de Moura Marques, brings a vast twenty years of recognised experience to all aspects of public law and administrative litigation. Recognised for his leadership, negotiation and merit, Paulo is an internationally-recommended choice to engage in the largest and most complex transactions featuring market-leading companies from across the globe. Since graduating from the University of Lisbon with a law degree in 1996, Paulo has gone on to become a member of the Bar Association in Portugal, America, and São Paulo, as well as a member of the Centre for International Legal Studies and the Trier Academy of Community Law. Portuguese Public and Administrative Lawyer Paves Way to Success F Not content to simply practice excellent law, Paulo has also been a lecturer at the University of Lisbon, teaching postgraduate law of urbanism, tourism and spatial planning in the faculty of law. Alongside his former time as a teacher, Paulo shares his wealth of experience by writing several papers and articles on computer law, online trade, real estate law, land use planning, and administrative law. Through sharing his vast knowledge, Paulo is helping secure the future of excellent public and administrative law. Fundamentally, both Paulo and AAMM’s international success is down to the breadth of expert knowledge, and dedication to providing excellent client-focused service. Working with international clients from every corner of the world, this innovative legal firm are set to keep reaching new heights of success. Company: AAMM (Abecasis, Moura Marques and Associates) Contact: Sonia Pires Website: www.aamm.pt Jul19481 Contact: Sonia Pires Website: www.aamm.pt “...the firm have been characterised by their pragmatic and positive culture to always find solutions for its clients. Enabling the firm to deliver these personalised solutions, is the experienced, hard-working and passionate team which forms the backbone of UrbanLaw Avocats.” Leading Public and Administrative Lawyer of the Year, Portug l

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