Leading Adviser 2019

104 Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2019 Oct19199 Acquisition International - Issue 12 2019 25 Portuguese Powerhouse of Labour Law Renowned across Portugal for the high-quality level of legal services that they offer, Filipe Azoia & Associados is dedicated to delivering excellence within employment law and life sciences. Founding partner Filipe Azoia himself was recently recognised by Acquisition International as the nation’s leading labour and employment lawyer of the year, so we found out a bit more about this man’s excellent work and how it has contributed to his firm’s success. aving been a partner at Filipe Azoia & Associados since February 2017, Mr Azoia has built his firm from the ground up to become recognised nationally for their outstanding work. Representing companies listed in the Fortune 500 both nationally and internationally, Mr Azoia and his team work with firms predominantly in the food, pharmaceutical, and tourism industries, as well as private clients. Mr Azoia’s journey to legal success first began back in 1997, where he started as a civil servant in Lisbon’s Labour Court. Alongside his four years there, he also worked towards a Law degree at the University of Lisbon’s School of Law, from which he graduated in 2001. Since then, Mr Azoia has worked for some of Portugal’s most established and largest law firms, as well as other various academic qualifications. Immediately following his graduation, Mr Azoia was taken on as a trainee lawyer with PLMJ, Portugal’s largest and most senior law firm with more than fifty years’ history and experience. In 2003, after completing his training, Mr Azoia became a member of the Bar Association. Between 2001 and 2007, he quickly rose to become a senior associate lawyer, demonstrating excellent legal skills and an unparalleled excellence in winning cases. At the beginning of the following year, in January 2008, Mr Azoia was appointed as partner to the firm, where he remained for five years. During those five years, he also undertook two post-graduate degrees in Labour Law, and Pharmacy and Medicine Law, both from the University of Coimbra’s School of Law. Mr Azoia’s aptitude for knowledge and learning whilst delivering excellent results for his clients is just one of the areas that has stood him out from his colleagues for nearly twenty years. Since being a partner with Filipe Azoia & Associados, the firm has cultivated a reputation as being one of the leaders within its field. Working with speed, efficiency, and innovation, Mr Azoia and his team pride themselves on establishing close relationships with clients to address their unique needs. Drawing on his extensive, learned background, Mr Azoia studies past case law, understands present legislation, and anticipates future trends to deliver truly remarkable results. The result of working so hard over the years, Mr Azoia has duly been recognised for his work in labour and life sciences law. Some of the most prestigious legal publications across the world that he has featured in include Chambers and Partners, The Legal 500, and Who’s Who Legal. These recognitions are the result of years of hard work, including a stint as the Head of the Legal and Litigation office of INFARMED – Autoridade Nacional do Medicamento e dos Produtos de Saude, I.P. Amost extraordinary lawyer who excels both in the courtroom and the classroom, Mr Azoia has proven himself to be one of the formidable legal forces in Portugal today for labour and life sciences cases. With an extensive bank of knowledge and experience from which to draw upon, this Portuguese powerhouse has cemented his status as one of 2019’s leading advisers. Company: Filipe Azoia & Associados Contact: Mr. Filipe Azoia Website: https://fa-associados.pt/en/ H Leading Labour and Employment Lawyer of the Year, Portugal

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