2018 Legal Awards

8 Acquisition International - 2018 Legal Awards LA180016 Best Woman-Owned Boutique Law Firm & Recognised Leaders in IP Law - USA Meyer Law, Ltd Established in 2010, Meyer Law is a forward- thinking boutique law firm helping technology companies of all sizes from start-ups to large corporations. With a vast service offering, Meyer Law is committed to equipping domestic and international businesses with the information needed to make informed, real-world decisions. The team at Meyer Law brings a unique focus on helping technology companies with a combination of extensive in-house experience negotiating contracts on behalf of and against some of the largest companies in the world with the fast-paced environment similar to a start-up. The team at Meyer Law helps (i) startups and emerging growth companies with everything from entity structure to founder’s agreements to vesting to hiring and customer contracts to trademarks, privacy law compliance, preparing for investment, and more; (ii) mid- sized companies with day-to-day matters in an outsourced General Counsel role, typically handling contract negotiations, creation of templates and playbooks, employment issues, protection of intellectual property, privacy law compliance, due diligence for mergers and acquisitions and legal strategy; and (iii) in- house legal teams at large corporations with commercial contract negotiations with vendors, customers, resellers and strategic partners in the United States and abroad, creation of templates and playbooks and due diligence for mergers and acquisitions. Started by an entrepreneur, Meyer Law sets itself apart from other firms through its unique partnership approach with its clients and entrepreneurial-minded lawyers. These business- minded lawyers have extensive experience helping technology companies, are incredibly responsive and relationship driven, and the team also leverages technology to work smarter. Acting as a legal partner to its clients, Meyer Law’s distinct approach also means the team is able to attract and retain top talent through smart practices that emphasis on relationships and individuals. As such, its clients, in turn, get to work with smart, experienced, motivated lawyers. Supporting many technology companies, Meyer Law has a true partnership approach. This allows the team to educate clients on standards in the industry and give guidance on areas impacting technology companies. The team at Meyer Law are passionate about working with start-ups and emerging growth companies and have decades of experience working with mid-sized and large corporations. When they work with a new business strive to understand the company, tailor agreements to the specific businesses and give realistic advice about risks so that the executives at the company can make informed decisions. As part of the firm’s focus on transparency, Meyer Law’s philosophy is to be upfront about costs and keep clients informed throughout the relationship. The team at Meyer Law prefers alternative fee arrangements and provide estimates in advance for hourly or fixed fee projects. The team puts a premium on its clients and their needs rather than on billable hours, and any savings made from the firm’s low- overheads are passed directly to clients. For start-ups and established businesses, this helps create budgeting certainty. The firm also sets thresholds and inform clients as they approach allotted monthly budgets, something businesses of all sizes appreciate. This approach ensures that clients are able to budget for their legal needs accordingly and can rest assured that they will not be confronted with unexpected fees, all whilst enjoying the very highest possible standard of service and support. It is no wonder that the firm has achieved incredible success since inception, and continues to thrive, supporting an increasingly vast array of clients across its range of practice areas. With offices in Chicago and Denver and utilizing the latest technology, the firm has the flexibility to work smarter and more efficiently, from wherever they are needed. Meyer Law is an innovative law firm helping entrepreneurs and technology companies of all sizes from start-ups to Fortune 500s with corporate, contract, employment, fundraising, intellectual property, privacy, and data protection matters. As part of our overview of a selection of our winners from this years’ AI Legal Awards, we profile the firm and share an insight into the work it undertakes. Meyer Law, Ltd Company: Meyer Law, Ltd Contact: Tricia Meyer Address: 20 W Kinzie Street, 17th Floor, Chicago, IL, 60654, USA Phone: 001 888 316 0776 Website: meetmeyerlaw.com

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