2018 Legal Awards

Acquisition International - 2018 Legal Awards 15 LA180026 Best IP Law Firm - London Decisis Ltd. Founded in 2007, Decisis began when Michael Bilewycz, who was previously Managing Director of the Omnicom boutique IP firm, Markforce Associates until its sale in 2007, decided to start his own firm to utilise the experience he had gained over the years. Today, the firm’s clients include law firms and legal services businesses (both within the UK and internationally), global marketing businesses, management/ training consultancies, branding/ design consultancies, IT businesses, investment/ financial brokerages, fashion businesses, food and beverage businesses, hygiene product businesses, medical product businesses, telecommunications businesses, media, entertainment and TV production businesses, as well as an automotive business. Michael and his team firmly believe that it is essential that the client’s business should come first. The aim is to provide commercial and business insight as well as significant cost benefits to the client. Decisis places an emphasis on flexibility and the benefits of providing a personal, bespoke and expert service to its clients and to deliver, wherever possible, solutions to those clients’ issues. Results should be reflected in the achievement of the clients’ business objectives and the adding of value to their businesses. Over the years, the team have learned that businesses and their senior personnel want someone to speak to and correspond with, and who will handle personally and understand their business and their particular issues, whilst applying a high level of expertise. As such, Decisis’ aim is the provision of a business- workable solution. Accordingly, it is important to ensure that the client’s business objectives are fully understood, and this will often require constant communication both face-to-face, by telephone and e-mail. The firm’s internal culture helps to support this by being one of approachability, but also of business focus. This ensures that clients come first and receive only the best support and service. Looking to the future, Decisis is planning to develop a number of initiatives which can be of great value to businesses, and Michael and his team are looking forward to working on those projects. One of the aims is to enable businesses to help themselves at least in the early stages of developing their IP portfolios. Simultaneously, this will strengthen as well as clarify the firm’s position and marketing message to its clients, and to prospective new clients, as well as associates both in the UK and internationally. The intention is to use technology and communications methods more effectively, combined with human interaction wherever possible. Without human interaction, advanced technology and the use of digital social media will fail. After all, technology and all technology related methods should be servants or tools, not the be all and end all. As such, it is Decisis’s ongoing aim to offer a personalised service which is at the very cutting- edge of the latest technology, combining the two approaches to offer clients the very highest possible standard of service and support. Decisis Ltd is a legal consultancy specialising in IP, with a focus on trade marks, copyright, designs and confidential information, as well as IT matters. We profile the firm to find out more about the vast array of services it has to offer. Company: Decisis Ltd. Contact: Michael Bilewycz Address: 5 St. John’s Lane, London, EC1M 4BH, UK Phone: 020 7250 4732 Website: www.decisis-law.co.uk

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