2018 Corporate Immigration & Relocation Awards

14 Acquisition International - 2018 Corporate Immigration & Relocation Awards Originally formed in in 1999 as a partnership, The Visa Centre was incorporated in 2002 as a limited liability company. Today the company offers migration, work and study solutions to Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada, the UK, and Europe, supporting a wide range of clients. In order to ensure these clients receive the support they need, the firm draws on the expertise of a global network of barristers, solicitors, migration agents and specialist consultants that cater to almost any Western country and any type of visa. Over the years, The Visa Centre has provided specialist consulting services and successfully processed all types of complex visas for clients travelling to countries around the world including appeals of rejected visas. Offering a vast service offering that cannot be found elsewhere, including spouse, de facto, same sex, parents and last remaining relatives visas, as well as investment for residence and citizenship, visits and rejections appeals, the firm provides responses to clients within 24 hours, offering clients expert support and insight into what they must do and not do to secure their visa. From the beginning of the visa process the team aims to offer clients a truly exceptional service, and is always honest with clients on the chances of success and how these can be increased. Initially The Visa Centre offers free initial consultation and assessment for clients who wish to inquire about their visa application viability to prospective countries. Customers can do this online or make an appointment with a consultant at one of our worldwide locations. The team then offers a professional fee package of a small registration fee which is non-refundable and covers its basic costs, as well as professional fee which is 100% refundable in the unlikely event the visa is refused. This approach ensures that clients Best International Visa Processing Consultancy - Sri Lanka The Visa Centre The Visa Centre specialises in visa consultation, processing, document preparation and legalization, applicant representation, as well as translation services. We profile the firm to explore how it tailors its services to meet the needs of its vast, global clientele. Company: The Visa Centre Contact: Dale Rabot Address: Level One, 21 Maitland Crescent, Colombo 7, Sri Lanka Phone: 0094 777 633 933 Website: thevisacentre.com GM180008 receive value for money and are completely aware of the costs they are incurring. Following the quotation, clients can decide whether they would like to proceed. All clients are issued with a checklist which clearly specifies all essential and supporting documents that would be required. The team will then collate the files and prepare all relevant documentation to ensure a successful visa application. Clients will then receive a visa application professionally prepared by a consultant, guidance and expertise, representation to handle their immigration affairs, up to date information on law changes that may affect them, status updates on their case, a dedicated visa consultant, and guaranteed accuracy, privacy and security. Looking to the future, the centre and the wider visa consultation market is experiencing growth year on year unrivalled in any other industry, because more and more clients are dissatisfied with their current lifestyle. Despite the opportunities that this growth offers, The Visa Centre faces a range of challenges as it seeks to continue its vital work supporting its clients. As many countries face backlashes from their own citizens, many view an easy way out to appease the masses is to cull the number of visa it offers and unfairly rejecting genuine applicants who meet the criteria already in print. As such, these applicants are sometimes rejected for the flimsiest of reasons and defy logic in refusals, and these clients end up extremely frustrated by the process. Moving forward, the Visa Centre will undertake multiple refusals and always strive to represent the client with professional appeals that clearly quote verse and chapter where precedents have already need established. This takes exhaustive research and is extremely challenging, however the teamat TheVisaCentre are experts in knowingwhere to go to for this type of specialist requirement for every western country and will continue to undertake this vital work in order to ensure that clients can rely on them to provide professional, expert assistance that they can trust. Ultimately, collaboration is key to building successful networks and The Visa Centre invites industry professionals to contact the team for the creation of new markets as it seeks to build upon its current success. “Looking to the future, the centre and the wider visa consultation market is experiencing growth year on year unrivalled in any other industry, because more and more clients are dissatisfied with their current lifestyle.”

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