AI 2018 Business Excellence Awards

Acquisition International - 2018 Business Excellence Awards 9 around client satisfaction. This is led from the top, and CEO Kelly Simpson-Angelini drives her team to success through empathy, constant support and sheer hard work, something Danielle is keen to share with us. “As the most senior leader in our organisation, CEO Kelly really gets to know her people; surrounding herself with an experienced cabinet of senior leaders and ensures that we have both the right people on our teams and the right processes in place that best support our clients’ success and future endeavors. Kelly supports and ensures the experience and well- being of our internal team, offering yoga and meditation classes daily (live and virtual), both individual and team nutritional programs with our experienced corporate nutritionist, and onsite gym equipped with treadmills and peloton bikes. Kelly Simpson-Angelini, CT Tech Council Woman of Innovation, MM&M Innovation Catalyst, Stevie Award winner, and Most Innovative CEO of the Year by Business Worldwide Magazine, is passionate about scientific communication; and encourages healthcare stakeholders to look beyond next year and into the next decade to best support the brands of tomorrow. “The people within our agency are guided by five core values that we each believe in and are driven by; these values are in aligned with our organizational purpose. We embrace our core values: we maintain passion about making a difference by pushing the boundaries to create unique strategic value for our company, our clients, and our community; keep it real by developing strong, authentic relationships internally and externally with our clients; look to the future by never losing sight of the larger context and bigger opportunity; know we are better together and dedicated to collaborative teamwork to ensure the highest quality work product; and finally, we bring our best selves to work every day, which means we are committed to achieving personal balance and strength, both at work, and in our own lives. “Overall, we believe that the internal culture that we have pioneered at Simpson Healthcare is central to our success. We believe in our people and care about the experiences that we share in our agency and in our lives, as we deeply value how they transform and strengthen our teams to be better together. One thing that everyone in our agency has in common is that each person on our team believes in what their purpose is and then works every day with each other to discover how we can be even more impactful in what we do. When people with the same core beliefs work together, we have found that our decisions catalyze changes that make our world a better place to live. We strive to foster strong internal connections among our team members as we learn with and from each other. Our internal culture was intentionally designed by our transformative leadership teams to be purpose- driven, highly collaborative, and well-balanced. We believe that empowering collaborative communications is core to our culture. We often have internal work groups both onsite and offsite specifically to facilitate and support open idea sharing and cultural immersion experiences. We are a team of experienced and supportive people that learn and transform together and are passionate about our purpose whose abilities and skills effectively deliver the most positive impact in healthcare that we can for our biopharmaceutical clients and patient communities worldwide.” In her concluding comments, Danielle is keen to explore the future of Simpson Healthcare and its ongoing drive towards excellence in this vital and exciting industry. “As we look ahead, we look forward to the further success of Simpson Healthcare Executives, but also to a bright future for scientific communications and the healthcare experience for patients around the globe more broadly. The core stories of disease, diagnosis, and new therapies will continue to be new, disruptive, and abundant. Many organizations across healthcare are now looking to better understand how they can harness disruptive thinking to develop their brands, strengthen their pipelines, and provide the most benefit for patients. “Within our industry, we see a myriad of opportunities to continue to build knowledge and skills in organizing and educating healthcare providers, and we understand that advancements in science and technology will only continue to evolve. We will have more brands to build. More ways to build them and explain them. We believe we will be supporting new types of products like gene therapies that are a simple once in a lifetime treatment. A personalized and individualized approach to disease education and “my brand” will be something to simplify and focus on. We are proud to unite and support our clients, to shape the future of healthcare so that the best therapeutic treatments may be available that can improve health outcomes of patients in need.” We Believe in Our People It’s those moments when you look at everyone around you and see how we are all here for each other, you can’t help but take a step back and think, “Wow. I love working here.”