AI 2018 Business Excellence Awards

Acquisition International - 2018 Business Excellence Awards 61 BE180075 Robotics Specialists of the Year 2018 - Germany Jabertools & Robotics Jabertools & Robotics are certified experts in robotics programming and testing, and can assist clients with their expertise in this burgeoning market. Robotics can support the process flow as well as automate it and thus help people in their work steps helpful. In the different production areas, quality and productivity can be increased, and as such demand in the industry is increasing, offering the firm many great opportunities for further enhancement of its skills and client portfolio. The firm’s robot systems for handling or assembly are ideal for assembling prefabricated product elements. For example, they can be set up as a whole or several elements connected to each other. The individual steps can thus be automated. Additionally, the sometimes dangerous work of welding / cutting can be taken over by a robot system and thus support the human being. When joining two elements together by heat and pressure or even when dividing an element into several pieces, the robot can be precise, whereby the quality is maintained and the human being is protected. Alongside these uses, the precision of a robot system is also evident in the field of painting. Constant tempering and humidity allow spraying of paint to be specifically applied to the results. In addition to accuracy, the quality can score through time and colour savings. Another use for the firm’s solutions is packaging or palletizing, which is often the last step in the production chain and would like to be just as accurate and remain in time management. The produced items should be well packed in order to be sent safely on the transport route. Whilst its innovative work in the robotics sector is often ground-breaking and revolutionary, the firm also provides a range of quality tools for clients so that they can rest assured that their implements are reliable and right for the job. Jabertools can provide clients with tools, as well as their workshop and industrial supplies at competitive prices, with proven quality and a Satisfaction Guarantee. Overall, this vast service and product range is what sets Jabertools & Robotics apart from its competitors, and moving forward it will remain its core focus as the firm looks towards a bright and opportunity laden future. Jabertools & Robotics is an innovative tool supplier and robotics expert based in Germany. We profile the firm to find out more about the unique and creative solutions it provides to its valued clients. Company: Jabertools & Robotics Contact: Abdurrahman Jaber Address: Industriestraße 3, Scheuerfeld, 57584, Germany Phone: 0049 2741 607303 Website: