AI 2018 Business Excellence Awards

56 Acquisition International - 2018 Business Excellence Awards BE180042 Best Internet Marketing Agency - Germany Netprofit partner by your side, to guide you through this online jungle. This is, unfortunately, what many people nowadays underestimate, and as such we at Netprofit work closely with our clients to help them to understand and appreciate the benefits of the support we offer. “Fundamentally, we live in a fast moving era and you can get lost in it easily. Things change rapidly, competitors always seem to be one step ahead and new companies arrive every day. It is easy to get absorbed by this pressure to perform and keep up, everyone needs to have their site to be the best and rank high in the search result list. However, over the years I have learned that it’s almost never as urgent as the clients think it was. Sometimes you just need to sit back, breath deep and think thoroughly about the goals and the right strategy to reach them before losing the overview and acting carelessly.” Looking to the future, there are many challenges and opportunities ahead for Netprofit, and Robert is excited as he discusses how the firm will work to ensure that it continues to grow and prosper over the years to come. “Overall, the online marketing sector is changing every day and you really have to stay on track to be successful and grow. In order to do so a company like ours needs to have qualified employees. We need creative people with profound training and education that are able to think outside the box, and in return for their hard work and dedication we help them to grow their experience and provide them with additional training and qualifications. It can be challenging for a small agency such as Netprofit to attract and retain the talent it needs; however, we are determined to overcome this and provide our clients with the support they have come to rely on. “As such, with regards to the future, we plan to keep growing gently, go on strengthening our customer relationships and win new interesting clients, with respect to keeping our open and dynamic working atmosphere. We will continuously keep track of the newest developments and will never stop learning. Staying at the very cutting edge of the latest market developments is crucial for the ongoing success of both Netprofit and, more importantly, our valued customers.” Since its foundation in 2001 Netprofit has flourished, and has worked with a range of clients on all aspects of their online strategy. Robert explores how he has worked since the beginning to drive excellence and work with even more clients on a wider range of projects. “From the beginning, at Netprofit we focus on web development and internet marketing, and we became experts in this field and in our region. We like to build up long-term relationships with our clients based on trust and reliability. Our clients are mainly small and moderate-sized companies in the German speaking area, coming from a wide variety of business areas. “In order to ensure a good workflow and a stable customer relationship with these firms, we believe that transparency is the key. Our clients appreciate that we communicate frankly about the predictable success and the possible risks of a project. We work out individual strategies in a constant and close contact with the customers, keeping them up to date all the time. Internally we guarantee excellent project management and reporting, and of course a constant and open internal communication, with highly qualified and deeply committed employees. This ensures that we meet the needs of every stakeholder and provide them with the support they need to succeed.” Drawing on the firm’s vast experience, it is now able to remain ahead of emerging developments in the fast paced internet marketing industry, as Robert highlights as he shares Netprofit’s acute industry knowledge and discusses the developments he foresees which will affect his company and clients. “As digitalization continuously becomes part of everyday life, people are getting more and more familiar with internet technologies. As such, more and more people want to have their own website, which of course is good for us. However, website construction kits are constantly getting better, delivering beautiful sites, and are easy to handle without having to have any programming skills. This leads to potential clients at first sight not recognizing the advantages we can offer, especially concerning SEO and SEA. Despite this, internet marketing is growing more special and complex and it is important and very helpful to have a competent Netprofit is an innovative German based internet marketing firm that offers clients the benefit of its vast experience to ensure that they achieve the online presence they need. We invited Founder Robert Hartl to talk us through the firm’s work and how it drives excellence for every client it supports. Company: Netprofit Webseitenoptimierung Contact: Robert Hartl Address: Nibelungenplatz 2, Passau, 94032, Germany Phone: 0049 851 966 31 31 Website: