AI 2018 Business Excellence Awards

Acquisition International - 2018 Business Excellence Awards 53 one rule to a successful business. Here at the Spa, we make sure to do more, give more, be more and serve more every day.” Discussing the success that she has achieved whilst at the Spa, Froso observes that the most important breakthrough she has made was when she was able to listen to her client’s needs and gain a true understanding of their requirements. “Essentially, I listen to my client’s needs and when they are ready to listen, I talk, and that is success to me. People buy the solution to their problems not the problem itself.” Overall, there are many aspects which have contributed to Hush Boutique Spa being selected in the Business Excellence awards, but it is Froso’s leadership and ability to spot a gap in the market which has been a crucial factor. She signs off by stating her future plans for the business, as she outlines some of the projects that are in the development process for Hush Boutique Spa. “Ultimately, I’m looking for someone in this field or a business person to franchise my system globally. I believe that I not only can train and teach employees to become Inspirational Beauty Experts, but also my mission is to empower women feel more feminine and have more self-esteem by being themselves and improving that through beauty. “Moving forward, a future project for me and my team is creating self-development seminars for our customers worldwide, and for people within our industry to teach others how to create a successful business brand using social media. Lastly, I am also looking for an investor for current changes in Hush for something really unique that until now doesn’t yet exists in the spa industry.”