AI 2018 Business Excellence Awards

48 Acquisition International - 2018 Business Excellence Awards BE180078 Best Independent Animal Education Resource & Award for Excellence in Pet Therapy 2018 Critterish Allsorts Throughout his career, there have been many challenges which Dale has had to overcome, but these challenges have made him stronger and become more innovative and creative in his therapy, as he adapts to the obstacles placed in his way. Working with patients who are dealing with mental health conditions, Dale faces challenges every day, but he embraces these challenges and turns them into opportunities. Through his company, Critterish Allsorts, Dale has demonstrated an ability to seek a challenge and overcome it, and with the number of opportunities that have presented themselves to Dale on the back of his work, he is positive about the work he is doing. Overseeing a successful case for individuals has had a positive effect on Dale, and this has been a key aspect of his resultant success. Ultimately, as Dale continues to achieve unrivalled results, he is also looking to capitalise on the recent success of his published book; ‘Unleashing the Healing Power of Animals’, making him one of the leaders in the animal-assisted therapy industry. Founded by Dale Preece-Kelly, Critterish Allsorts works with an assortment of clients who are dealing with mental health conditions. Offering animal- assisted therapy services, the company also provides educational services to help clients. Featuring as the Best Independent Animal Education Resource and receiving an Award for Excellence in Pet Therapy, the flexible company tailors each individual service to suit the needs of the client. Operating with a long-term vision, Dale aims to make Critterish Allsorts a leader in the industry and has a goal of making animal assisted therapy a recognised, mainstream and prescribed treatment for all mental health conditions. Capitalising on his recent success, Dale has a dream of getting an animal-assisted therapy department installed into all psychiatric hospitals, prisons and GP surgeries across the UK, and this award is one step on the way to achieving that dream. Dale’s dedication to helping his clients and providing expert services is unrivalled across the industry, as he works exceptionally hard to spread the word about animal-assisted therapy, and the results that he has delivered are an excellent recognition of his efforts. Critterish Allsorts is an animal education and therapy service provider, offering animal-assisted therapy services for a variety of clients. We profile the firm as we look to gain an insight into the success of the firm and its achievements. Company: Critterish Allsorts Contact: Dale Preece-Kelly Address: Ismere Way, Kidder- minster, Worcestershire, DY10 2YG, UK Phone: 077943 42355 Website: www.critterishallsorts. / www.critter-assisted-ther-