AI 2018 Business Excellence Awards

42 Acquisition International - 2018 Business Excellence Awards BE180065 Best Aviation Services Thermal Management Specialists - Sweden APR Technologies Established in 2011, APR Technologies provides an array of unique products and technologies which deliver unmatched performance for high quality thermal management applications to clients across the spacecraft, airplane, military and automotive markets. Peter provides us with more detail on the solutions his company provides and how he and his team focus on innovation to ensure excellence for their clients “Here at APR Technologies, we have developed a general platform-technology which can be adapted for use across a range of applications. Currently we develop and sell thermal management devices for the major European satellite manufacturers. Besides the products we develop in-house at our facilities in Enköping, Sweden, we also offer consultancy services. “Thanks to this vast array of services, we work with a wide range of customers including medtech, bioenergy, various researchers, electronics industry, aerospace industry, and ground based space professionals. Over the years we have been fortunate enough to create a vast network of clients and industry peers, and this has helped us to gain new business through referrals and to collaborate with other firms across the market.” This collaborative approach has helped APR Technologies to amass a wealth of knowledge on the space and transport markets. Drawing on this, Peter highlights the challenges and opportunities that he is noticing in this constantly evolving market and how he will be seeking to take advantage of these and drive even greater growth for his firm moving forward. “The space industry today is very exciting, as it is going through an industrialisation process, and there are many new potential customers are just around the corner. Traditional space technology relies on custom-designed satellites and equipment at very high cost. ‘New-space’ as it is called, need thousands of satellites each year, and this technology is slowly being put into place and a vast infrastructure is being created to support this burgeoning market. Smaller rockets, cubesat- deployers, stations for operation and uplink/ downlink are now increasingly available, and the very expensive quality assurance requirements are also made more cost efficient. “Additionally, our emerging business in the transportation industry is going through dramatical changes. In our case we foresee technical challenges over the coming years, as there are even more business oriented challenges such as partnering with the right guys, chose the right prototypes for demonstration and establish suitable sub suppliers, setting up logistics and sales organization. I really look forward to creating a well- established company where thousands of people will to go to work feeling happy and proud that we achieve success not only for ourselves but also for our clients, and the planet.” Ultimately, APR Technologies has achieved incredible success since inception, but Peter and his team are keen not to rest on their laurels, and instead are eager to build upon their current success and grow the business even further. Peter concludes by outlining the strategies the firm will be using to achieve this growth whilst retaining its focus on innovation. “Looking ahead, at APR Technologies where we foresee great potential in the electric vehicle market, and as such we are currently collaborating with companies across Sweden to introduce our technology to a range of applications, including use in electric trucks, buses and cars. “In the longer term we are considering external investors and we plan to open up funding through an IPO. This will allow us to build or acquire some strategic players such as suppliers, factories, workshops, and to manage logistics and B2B sales firms, helping us to grow as a company and establish ourselves as a thought leader in the aviation and aerospace manufacturing market.” APR Technologies is a global supplier of leading edge products for thermal management on spacecrafts, airplanes and automotive systems. We caught up with the firm’s CEO Peter Nilsson to gain an insight into the revolutionary solutions his firm develops. Company: APR Technologies Contact: Peter Nilsson Address: Vastra Jarnvagsgatan 4, 745 39, Enköping, Sweden Phone: 0046 18444 1085 Website: