AI 2018 Business Excellence Awards

34 Acquisition International - 2018 Business Excellence Awards BE180034 Best Business Strategy & Process Consultancy – Germany & Award for Excellence in Operations Consulting PROTEMA For more than 20 years, PROTEMA has stood for the PROcess oriented connection between TEchnology and huMAn resources in a performance-oriented organization. Today, the firm offers consulting and planning services in the area of strategy, processes, organization, plant and factory planning, supply chain design and logistics planning including simulation and process optimization in operations using business software solutions (e.g. ERP, MES) for companies all over the world. Michael outlines the firm’s service offering in more detail. “Here at PROTEMA, our services meet the needs of medium-sized companies. We usually work with the owner family or the managing director in this sector and speak the client´s language, emphasising practical solutions that are feasible. Larger corporations require a different approach and PROTEMAworks directly with themanagement to develop the right measures to tackle complex issues and realize our customers’ goals. “At present, our focus is on the automotive and supplier industry, mechanical and plant engineering, consumer goods sector and retail. We offer substantial expertise in the automotive aftermarket, spare parts management, after sales and services for capital goods. Previous clients include a variety of well-known brands such as BMW, Daimler, Porsche, Airbus, Bosch, Festo, Trumpf, BBraun and Birkenstock, among others.” As all of these clients have unique needs, there is no one-solution-fits-all approach, and at PROTEMA it goes without saying that it is personalities, not principles that are the core focus. Following that philosophy, PROTEMA employs a diverse team of high-profile consultants who contribute not only their outstanding expertise but also their individual personality, as Michael is eager to emphasise. “Our consultants, planners, experts, coaches and trainers – all personalities with profile – moderate, design, plan, implement and accompany companies worldwide in projects in the four business areas Consulting, Engineering, Operations and Transformation. Our core competences include analyzing, structuring, visualizing and solving complex tasks for all business processes with a strong focus on sales, production and logistics, and service. “Fundamentally, we build on the strengths of our team with a unique profile, extensive expertise and practical experience. Performance orientation and determination are the cornerstones of our success, and that of our customers. The approximately ninety employees at PROTEMA make up a mixture of experts with many years of professional experience in industry and applied research working alongside young graduates with fresh ideas and open minds. “As a team, we try to set an example of what we aim to get across. Customer orientation, independence, responsibility, flexibility and sharing success; these are all values that we have incorporated not only in our mission statement but also in our daily work. We are corporate consultants, partners to industry and a workshop for knowledge. We cultivate a constant creative process in which we develop our expertise, refine it and then pass it on to others. The objective is always to achieve success that can be measured easily, as well as lasting positive corporate development for our customers.” Looking to the future, Michael believes that his firm will continue to expand and drive even greater success for both itself and its valued clients, as he is proud to conclude. “As its client companies continue to grow and expand, PROTEMA strives to develop and strengthen various new parts of its own service in the future as well. We want to master the challenge of the digital transformation including digital business models in the consulting industry. The goal is to become an equally well-known consultant in matters of agility and digitization. “Digital transformation within companies with European footprints is another major field that we want to expand. It requires a tailor-made approach that takes cultural and country-specific aspects into account. After all, we want to live up to our reputation of offering comprehensive advice under one roof, that is why we are also a member of EUTAS – European Transformation Association ( ); and this will remain our ongoing focus over the months and years to come.” Management consultancy PROTEMA helps companies recognise and unfold their full potential. With headquarters in Stuttgart, a branch in Detroit and many project offices at customers’ premises, PROTEMA understands the international playing field and works hand in hand with their clients to boost growth rates efficiently and sustainably, as Michael Mezger discusses. Company: PROTEMA Unterneh- mensberatung GmbH Contact: Michael Mezger Address: Julius-Hölder-Strasse 40, 70597 Stuttgart, Germany Phone: +49 711 900 15 70 Website: