AI 2018 Business Excellence Awards

30 Acquisition International - 2018 Business Excellence Awards BE180061 Best Acoustic Solutions Provider 2018 - UK iKoustic Limited Drawing on its vast experience in the soundproofing market, iKoustic design and install systems to reduce unwanted noise between spaces as well as provide acoustic solutions to improve the quality of sound within a space. Having won in these prestigious programme for three years running, the firm has proved itself truly exemplary, however, as Rick highlights, the team is keen not to rest on their laurels, and as such they work hard to continually support their clients and provide them with innovative, cutting edge solutions to their noise control problems. “iKoustic’s mission statement is “Creating Quieter Spaces Together”, and as such we work collaboratively with architects, acoustic engineers, builders, business owners, contractors, business owners, landlords and homeowners to create safe and soundproof spaces tailored to meet the individual needs of the client and those around them. We are constantly seeking to upgrade our service offering and provide our clients with new solutions that will meet their needs. “As a result of our collaborative, innovative and client focused approach, every new product and service that we have introduced this year has been considered from the customers’ perspectives. The product needs to perform effectively, look beautiful and be straightforward to install. Our aim is to be known as a specialist niche brand synonymous, with our high quality range of acoustic products including soundproofing for walls, ceilings, floors and doors. In order to achieve our aim, every project we undertake revolves around quality.” This focus on quality means that iKoustic constantly develops new products and works to offer these to the customers who need them, as Rick explores. “As part of our focus on providing our clients with unique, practical solutions, our acoustic range of absorption materials enhance the quality of sound within the space whilst looking stylish and beautiful. We provide free soundproofing consultation to both commercial users and DIYers, so we can understand your noise issue, complaint or building requirement; helping you to choose the right solution for a quiet room with high quality acoustics. “Fundamentally, we work hard to market iKoustic to the right people at a time when they might need our services such as seeking Planning Permission for a new building or extension. With a strong web presence, we also target new clients with appropriate SEO and PPC ads, but it is the repeat business that gives us most pleasure, knowing that a client has chosen iKoustic again to resolve their noise issues. Looking to the future, iKoustic plans to continue to innovate and adapt its service offering to continue meeting the needs of its clients in the increasingly digital market, as Rick is proud to conclude. “Ultimately, our clients are at the heart of everything we do here at iKoustic, and to ensure we continue to offer them a truly exceptional level of service and solutions they can rely on, we have devised an ongoing strategy which involves continually innovating and adapting our service offering. Our team has been central in compiling this strategy, and they have drawn on their experience in the industry and with our customers to ensure that we will remain design led and customer focused as we look towards an exciting future.” iKoustic Soundproofing provides noise insulation and absorption solutions for domestic and commercial buildings; creating a peaceful, tranquil and beautiful environment for work, rest or play. Rick Parsons provides us with a fascinating insight into the solutions his company provides and how it works to provide clients with the service they need to enjoy a peace and quiet. Company: iKoustic Limited Contact: Rick Parsons Address: 4-5, Erivan Business Park, Sandbeck Way, Wetherby, LS22 7DN, UK Phone: 01937 588226 Website: