AI 2018 Business Excellence Awards

26 Acquisition International - 2018 Business Excellence Awards BE180016 Best Digital Marketing Agency - China Get Google SEO Established in 2006, GetGoogleSeo works hard to satisfy the needs of its clients from inception to completion of its projects. Looking to gain an understanding of each individual client’s needs, the team boasts a wealth of experience and has been finetuning its services for over 10 years. Operating in an innovative environment, the company’s main aim is to help their client to achieve the best result. Full of professional companies, the team has worked with highly renowned companies such as Google, Yandex Direct, Bing and Baidu (China). The company is officially certified in Yandex, Bing, Baidu and Google Adwords. Contributing to the agency’s success of being named as AI’s Best Digital Marketing Agency in China is the team’s ability to employ impressive techniques which ensure they produce the best result. Some of these effective marketing techniques put the brand on top and make it shine online. Always one step ahead from its competitors, the team knows how to implement new tactics, enabling it to monitor modern strategies and get the best out of its staff. Known for its excellent service around the world, GetGoogleSeo has a range of clients from China, Europe, USA and Australia. Despite being a young team at GetGoogleSeo, the marketing agency is highly qualified and works across both the advertising and marketing industry. One of its most effective services is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The team work hard to help other companies occupy a leading position in the search engine result pages (SERPs), and work to guarantee that the company will be promoted online both on a local and national basis, using National and Local SEO. In order to attract potential customers, GetGoogleSeo provides its clients with Social Media Marketing maintenance. The client is subsequently becoming more recognised due to likes, shares, tweets, reposts. Clients also need not to worry about their own advertisement campaign, as the team organises Digital Advertising services which make the brand visible on online spaces. The desired outcome at the ned of every project which the team undertakes is ensuring that the client’s requirements are met. When working with a client, the ambitious team takes into consideration every single detail of the online business, and makes sure it takes care of the most important things which leads it to attract potential consumers. The team’s professionals within the social media sector have passed their training and have subsequently gained certificates which coincide within the ever-growing source of Digital media, such as entertainment, shopping and news. GetGoogleSeo’s will accurately pick up every detail, that will put the client’s online business on the level of worldwide recognition in SEO, and therefore will provide deluxe PPC services. All these factors will raise its client’s ratings in search engines and as such increase revenue and ROI. GetGoogleSeo is a marketing agency based in Shenzhen which has built a reputation of being a company that clients can fully rely on. We profile the agency as we look to gain an insight into the company’s ongoing success. Company: Get Google SEO Contact: Yuriy Tarasenko Address: Shenzhen, Jingshang Yayuan, Futian District, 51800, China Phone: 0086 186 8036 5065 Website: GetGoogleSeo