AI 2018 Business Excellence Awards

16 Acquisition International - 2018 Business Excellence Awards IF180003 Best Vape Magazine & Up and Coming Vape Brand of the Year 2018 VapouroundMagazine Launched in 2015 with the vision of creating a stunning publication which the vaping community could be proud, Vapouround has since evolved into a full vaping brand offering a range of products including flavoured e-liquids and clothing, as well as advertising at and tradeshows. The publication began as a lifestyle magazine, however it has evolved into a trade publication which is distributed through tradeshows, to manufacturers and to thousands of vape shops across the UK. Paul explores how Vapouround has evolved as a brand to meet the needs of this growing industry. “Since inception Vapouround has flourished, and today we are no longer just a magazine, but a full- blown vape company, allowing us to work with an incredible range of industries and organisations that make up the vape trade and its allies. These include experts at government agencies like Public Health England, manufacturers, liquid mixers, scientists and academics, small business owners, event organisers. We help amplify their voices in the magazine, and they help us in turn by sharing their experiences and making our outlook more three dimensional.” This focus on supporting the vape trade is crucial, as Vapouround firmly believes that the vaping industry and its allies are in a uniquely privileged Vapouround, which is owned and operated by Orange Fox Media, is an innovative magazine and vape brand meeting the needs of a variety of businesses and consumers in this burgeoning industry. We invited Paul Caplin to tell us more and explain how the firm has come to drive change in this exciting market. Vapouround Magazine Markeaton House 3 Slater Avenue Derby DE1 1GT 01332 650 239 position of being able to aid smoking cessation. Smoking is one of the leading causes of terrible diseases and preventable deaths all over the world. With the right regulatory touch, vaping still has incredible potential to lengthen lives and vastly improve the quality of how we live. Supporting the vape trade means supporting a public health revolution, and as such Paul and his team work hard to ensure that they provide readers with a full overview of the market and the true facts behind the myths, as he is keen to highlight. “Tobacco control and nicotine product regulation are never out of the news cycle, and we have to maintain a close relationship with every side of every debate in every discipline. We want to make sure the public aren’t misled, and we support having an open dialogue with public figures who are open to seeing the industry properly regulated, helping vape products bring about the end of smoking. “Vapour products in the UK currently fall under the European Union’s Tobacco Products Directive, and like many UK industries, vape companies are now planning for the future depending on how we exit the EU. We also constantly see new studies being published looking at harm reduction, smoking cessation and the effects of vapour products on the body. As such, at Vapouround our magazine helps get this information out to businesses and examines how new evidence should shape government policy.” Ultimately, over the years since it began Vapouround has grown in conjunction with the vaping industry, and moving forward it will continue to adapt to meet the ever-evolving needs of its valued clients, as Paul is proud to conclude. “Building on our current success, at Vapouround we are eager to grow and expand in proportion to the vape trade. Every day we reach out to new clients in new countries, and we are proud of our ability to quickly open new vape lounges all over the country. This means that we can reach out to our clients and readers in every possible way; as a publication, as a business, as a provider of e-liquids, and now as a provider of venues where people can enjoy vapour products and discuss them. We hope to continue to grow and enhance our service offering in line with the needs of our clients over the years to come.”