AI 2018 Business Excellence Awards

Acquisition International - 2018 Business Excellence Awards 15 BE180033 Best Umbrella Services Provider - London Tailored Resourcing and Accountancy Supporting a wide range of clients across the corporate landscape with all their payroll service needs, Tailored Resourcing and Accountancy has achieved phenomenal success over such a short period of time thanks to its strong team and commitment to client service. As part of its service offering, the company works closely with recruitment agencies all over the UK, who refer Tailored to their placed contractors, which enables them to limit their administration burden. As such, the recruitment agencies are able to focus on placing candidates and locating the best people whilst Tailored takes care of the rest. David is keen to highlight how the company uses its team to ensure success, as well as its focus on continuously improving its service offering. “Here at Tailored Resourcing and Accountancy, our main strategy is to be better than we were yesterday, this mantra works for us and our strong team embrace it whole heartedly. Alongside this, we continuously involve every member of our team, ensuring they are contributing to the core service standards that we provide to our customers. We feel that a happy member of the team provides the highest standard of service.” As the team are a core focus for the company, it is understandable that their internal culture is supportive and collaborative, as the company seeks to ensure that it attracts and retains the very best talent on the market. David explains the firm’s internal culture in more detail and shares the secrets to a happy and fulfilled workforce. “Our team are vital to our success, and as such, at Tailored Resourcing and Accountancy we invest heavily back into the business and the people, ensuring the team are well looked after, this can be something as simple as jars of sweets and bowls of fruit around the office, to team events, such as a trip to the races. The management team get involved with each element of the business and help at all levels, there is no hierarchy within the team, which we feel also adds to the way we all work together. Success is not about one individual, it is a collective effort to get to reach the end goal, listening to feedback, whether it be from the team or clients and ensuring the mantra of being better than yesterday is fulfilled. “Recently, due to the growth of the business over a short period, we have experienced a large recruitment drive, which has led to intense weekly training with the team, along with managing the blend of multiple personalities. This has been a challenge in its own right, albeit an enjoyable one. The team have exceeded my expectations in all respects and I am incredibly proud of them for all their hard work and the achievements they have made, including winning this award.” With regards to the future, Tailored Resourcing and Accountancy’s ongoing focus will remain on improving its standards of service and support for clients, as David concludes. “Overall, at Tailored Resourcing and Accountancy we remain committed to improving our service offering and providing our clients with the support they need as we look towards a bright future. We are also in discussions regarding potential acquisitions of other businesses in our sector to continue our ambitious growth strategy.” Tailored Resourcing and Accountancy offers a cost effective and transparent payroll service to contractors, freelancers and small business owners. We invited David Spowart to tell us more about the firm and how it works to ensure that every client it supports receives the solutions and services they need to succeed. Company: Tailored Resourcing and Accountancy Contact: David Spowart Address: Nova South 9th Floor, 160 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 5LB, UK Web Address: Email: Telephone: 0207 118 2900