2018 Leading Adviser Supplement

Acquisition International - Leading Advisers 2018 51 1808AI41 12 Acquisition International - Issue 8 2018 Outreach Process Partners, LLC (OPP) is a strategic communications and management consulting firm that helps organisational apply technology tools, data analytics and communications strategies to improve performance. Taking time to provide us with an overview of the firm, is OPP’s President, Janice Roper-Graham who goes in to great detail about the innovative solutions the company provides. ince inception in 2005, Outreach Process Partners, LLC (OPP) has been helping organizations apply technology tools, data analytics and communication strategies to improve performance. OPP begins by asking our clients: “what is it you are seeking to do, and who do you need to help you do it?” Through facilitated sessions, interviews, surveys and original research, we help them develop SMART goals. OPP has special expertise in establishing measurable performance indicators. We bring over $40,000 in subscription tools, software and equipment to make our services highly efficient and effective in achieving the mission. OPP prepares baseline performance assessments and develops communication vehicles and content such as websites, social media platforms, videos, animations, whitepapers, executive briefings and plans/strategies to engage with stakeholders. We are experts in the “listening” side of strategic communications and have set-up Listening DashboardsTM for several clients. With data from social/media monitoring, web analytics, focus groups, surveys, interviews, hotline calls and database activity – we help our clients understand what staff and stakeholders want and don’t want. We uncover both the opportunities and the barriers to mission accomplishment. Then we work to capitalize on the opportunites and overcome the barriers. OPP’s expert team also helps implement process improvements (Agile methodology), as well as award- winning outreach and education products (online, print and video). OPP helps client develop efficient, targeted distribution channels and information management solutions. This results in wider and more positive communication and collaboration - at a lower overall cost. At OPP, our team includes a diverse range of skilled individuals such as, writers, editors, graphic designers, illustrators, videographers, producers, editors, data analysts, web developers, database programmers, social media experts, facilitators, meeting planners, survey technicians, project managers, and business analysts. Contact: Janice John Roper- Graham, ABC, PMP, PMI-ACP Company: Outreach Process Partners, LLC, 2521 Riva Rd. Suite P-1, Annapolis, Maryland, 2140, USA Enhancing Communication and Improving Performance S 1808AI41 The government sector is challenged with deficits and cyclical political leadership changes. We help our clients articulate the public service value of their mission - and provide data to show that their work is making a difference in our communities and in our Nation as a whole. Saving lives and property from natural disasters by ensuring that there is safe drinking water -- making the government procurement process more efficient, transparent and fair – these are a few of the missions we support. As a business, our strategy is to help them “do more with less” – achieve the mission (and document its achievement) at a lower overall cost. OPP’s core values are: 1. Make a difference 2. Take care of each other (staff, clients, vendors) 3. Give back Here at OPP, we take our core values seriously. They are the touchstone from which we filter all decisions and actions. We have and will continue to advise our clients to use new methods and tools that automate tasks. For example, we automated reports for one client and cut the time from 40 hours to five. It resulted in less billable hours for OPP, however our client relationship is more important. Most of all, we value our role as a trusted advisor. Attracting and retaining the best staff is key to our long-term success. Our ideal candidate wants a job that makes a difference - they are drawn to public service. We take care of our staff with competitive pay, generous benefits and quarterly bonuses. Moving forward, we know that expert program management services and communications will continue to be needed far into the future. Over the years, both the tools and methods will change and evolve with technological advances. OPP will stay abreast of these so we can continue to make a difference, taking care of them and each other. And when we do, we will have the honour and privilege of giving back to those less fortunate in our community. That is a good life and a good career. bridge to better your Leading Strategic Communications Experts of the Year, Maryland

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