2018 Leading Adviser Supplement

Acquisition International - Leading Advisers 2018 35 1804AI31 24 Acquisition International - Issue 4 2018 Founded in 2003, ELIJAH is an industry leader in providing expert digital forensic, legal technology, and cybersecurity solutions. ELIJAH optimises project management in all aspects of its services, having developed its proprietary Dart project management system to facilitate internal workflow and client coordination. LIJAH’s team of digital forensics experts performs data collection, investigation, consulting and testimony services relating to electronically stored information. ELIJAH has substantial experience testifying in federal and state courts on a wide range of issues, including data misappropriation, data recovery, document authenticity and evidence spoliation among others. In addition to serving as a retained expert, ELIJAH serves as a forensic neutral to facilitate the efficient discovery and production of data. ELIJAH has the capability to collect and analyse a wide variety of devices and accounts, including PCs, laptops, servers, smartphones, tablets, external media, email, social media and cloud storage, among others. With rapid response capabilities, ELIJAH quickly can put boots on the ground to address any incident, and has pioneered advanced secure approaches for remote data collection and analysis to remove geographical barriers to engagement. The team at ELIJAH has performed expert digital forensic investigative services in thousands of cases on behalf of companies, law firms, governmental agencies, and non-profits. ELIJAH’s sister company Elijah Data Security, is the organisation trusted by law firms with managing their own cybersecurity risks, as well as those of their clients during due diligence for mergers, acquisitions, and vendor selection. The mission of Elijah Data security is to provide perceptive cybersecurity expertise that maximises security while minimising unnecessary costs. Cybersecurity due diligence is a critical and often overlooked aspect in the process of evaluating whether to go forward with a merger or acquisition, and whether to engage with a new partner or Company: ELIJAH Contact: Andrew Reisman Email: info@elijaht.com Address: 205 W. Wacker Dr. Suite 1950, Chicago IL 60606 Website: www.elijaht.com and www.elijahds.com Phone: 866-354-5240 Wealthof Technical Experience E 1804AI31 vendor. Data security is integral to ensuring the integrity of every organisation’s operations and reputation. Assessing cybersecurity risks can be as important in evaluating deal value and terms as more commonly investigated factors, such as the quality of earnings, customers, and employees. Cybersecurity due diligence when performed properly can help minimise risk, reduce costs, and identify potential deal-breakers. Elijah Data Security is uniquely positioned to assist companies and their counsel with conducting cybersecurity due diligence. The Elijah Data Security team has a wealth of technical experience both in knowing the right questions to ask, and in performing hands-on vulnerability assessments and penetration testing that can help evaluate a seller’s answers. Executive leadership at Elijah Data Security is comprised of experienced former law firm partners who are data security experts, including work as enforcement counsel for the SEC, and who can bridge the gap between the deal team and information security professionals. Outside of the context of cybersecurity due diligence, Elijah Data Security offers managed services programs that are designed to help companies minimise risk and reduce costs associated with both outside hacking and other unauthorised access, and the often-overlooked risk of insider data theft. These data loss detection solutions help companies with their marketing and sales by distinguishing them from less secure competitors, and reduce the risk of substantial losses and embarrassment associated with data breaches and insider data theft. Elijah also offers vulnerability assessments and penetration testing as stand-alone services, but because the cybersecurity landscape is ever-changing, many companies find it useful to have those tasks performed on a scheduled basis as part of a managed services offering that helps ensure system security continually is maintained at a high level. Even the most secure organisations can experience data breach events, and Elijah Data Security offers incident response services to help identify and resolve critical incidents. Whether in assisting with technical responses or crisis management, the skilled team at Elijah Data Security combines a depth of expertise with industry-leading threat Cybersecurity due diligence is a critical and often overlooked aspect in the process of evaluating whether to go forward with a merger or acquisition Leading Data Security Adviser of the Year, Illinois + Leading Data Security Adviser of the Year, Florida

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