2018 Leading Adviser Supplement

32 Acquisition International - Leading Advisers 2018 1805AI51 Acquisition International - Issue 6 2018 27 Law Offices of Douglas Borthwick is a boutique litigation and transactional law firm with its main office in Santa Ana, California, and branch offices in Riverside and Rancho Cucamonga. Recently we spoke to Douglas Borthwick who informed us of the approach the company takes to achieve excellence through the services they provide. aw Offices of Douglas Borthwick is a boutique litigation and transactional law firm which specializes in civil Litigation, business litigation, personal injury, family law, criminal law and transactional law. The firm’s clientele varies from corporate clients to regular people with ordinary and sometimes unique legal needs. Beginning the interview, Douglas explains the firm’s approach when undertaking a new client, highlighting the importance of understanding all areas of the case. “Here at Law Offices of Douglas Borthwick, we work tirelessly to ensure we fully understand the client’s problem and pressing issue. By understanding what the client wants and what is important to the client, it is beneficial in resolving the matter to fit the client’s needs. In addition to this, we are well aware of what the client values and in doing so, we are careful about selecting which actions must be taken to protect the client’s interests.” Following on from this, Douglas is keen to inform us of the ways in which the team ensure right from the start that the outcome meets the needs of everyone involved, as well as the businesses ongoing strategy to achieve this. “By determining the needs and desired outcome of all the parties which are involved, the team at the Law Offices of Douglas Borthwick are able to work towards a strategy to compromise, if needed, and resolve the issues at hand. “Speaking of strategy, here at the Law Offices of Douglas Borthwick, we have adopted a service- oriented business model. This enables us to communicate with the client and be as responsive as we possibly can. In addition, we seek to understand the client’s needs and meeting those requirements while protecting the client at all times.” Bringing the interview to a close, Douglas reflects on the challenges he has faced and provides some useful advice on how to overcome any difficulties we are faced with. Company: Law Offices of Douglas Borthwick Name: Douglas Borthwick, Esq. Web Address: www.borthwicklawyer.com Address: 1800 N. Broadway, Second Floor, Santa Ana, CA 92706 Telephone: 001 714 654 6742 Two Decades of in-Depth Experience L 1805AI51 “One key piece of advice is to stay away from dishonest people. Always remember that you are the company you keep. Simply, be aware of the people who you associate with at all times.” Moving forward, Douglas highlights the attributes he believes are essential to achieving success within the industry. Also, he is keen to reveal a bit more about his staff and how he has cultivated an atmosphere that is conducive to a productive working environment. “To achieve success within the industry, you must have integrity and also be the trusted authority. Alongside this, another key attribute is client communication and making sure the client is educated about the legal issues involved. “Here at the Law Offices of Douglas Borthwick, we compliment and reward our team for good behaviour. A little praise goes a long way to get people to look out for both you and your clients. Lastly, we provide our team with constructive criticism and always giving them the spirit of being part of a team with the highest standards.” LeadingMarital and Family LawAttorney of the Year, California

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