2018 Leading Adviser Supplement

Acquisition International - Leading Advisers 2018 31 1806AI71 Acquisition Internatio al - Issu 9 45 Vistem Solutions provides specialised IT services to improve profits and internal processes for businesses across the state of California. In May, Vistem were recognised in Acquisition International’s Leading Adviser Awards for their innovative, and forward-thinking IT outsourcing solutions. With this in mind, we took a look at how Vistem help their clients elevate their businesses to new levels. IT has become an increasingly essential asset to any business that wants to get ahead of their competitors and embrace technology that will help them, in turn, to increase profits and internal efficiency. Surprisingly, even today, many companies don’t have the processes in place to best capitalise on this new digital era. Vistem Solutions aims to challenge this trend. Vistem offer integrated business solutions that, fundamentally, help solve their client’s problems. Since 1999, they have specialised in seamlessly incorporating technology that allows their clients to expand the breadth of their business, without adding significant man-hours or labour costs. Whilst the heart of Vistem lies in their IT outsourcing solutions, they also offer extensive application development, disaster prevention and monitoring services that take the weight off of a business’s native infrastructure. Ultimately, Vistem exists to maximise business potential, without the added strains and stresses associated with heavy investment in new systems. In a sector that is only becoming more competitive with each passing year, Vistem aims to distinguish themselves through their commitment to achieving results, and their partnerships with industry giants. They have partnered themselves with Cisco, Microsoft, Dell, and Hewlett Packard, to name but a few – to better serve clients and to ensure ‘best-in- class’solution and support across all of their products. Company: Vistem Solutions Inc. Address: 2102 Business Center Drive, Suite 220, Irvine, California, 92649, United States Website: www.vistem.com Telephone: +1 949 253 5729 The Leaders in Innovative IT Outsourcing Solutions F 1806AI71 In addition to this, Vistem Solutions also employ a comprehensive corporate social responsibility programme that aims to serve their local community. This helps reinforce the idea that Vistem are dedicated to becoming a company that their clients can trust wholeheartedly. Far from their seemingly profit-obsessed contemporaries and peers, Vistem Solutions are utterly client-focused, ensuring that their customers remain at the very centre of their efforts at all times. In this Vistem reveals their genius, and why they were recognised as the providers of the leading IT outsourcing solutions of the year in the Leading Adviser Awards – they have redefined the customer service landscape. They often go above and beyond expectations, adopting a full-service approach that caters to their clients every need. Vistem’s ‘Help Desk’ offers expert advice to ensure that any problems are solved quickly and efficiently, from virus and malware infections to printer installation. In a world defined by swift adaption, Vistem makes sure that their client’s stay up-to-date and ahead of the game. “Vistem Solutions also employ a comprehensive corporate social responsibility programme that aims to serve their local community.” Leading IT Outsourcing Solutions of the Year, California

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