2018 Leading Adviser Supplement

Acquisition International - Leading Advisers 2018 235 Acquisition Internatio al - Issu 1 2018 17 People + Culture Strategies is a hybrid law firm and management consulting business that specialises in the provision of legal and strategic advice to organisations on people management issues. In October, the firm’s Managing Principal, Joydeep Hor, was recognised in Acquisition International Magazine’s ongoing 2018 Leading Adviser programme as the ‘Leading Labour and Employment Lawyer of the Year’ in Australia. We spoke to Joydeep to find out more about his pace-setting work. ounded in July 2010, People + Culture Strategies is, in many ways, a trailblazing establishment. Specialising primarily in traditional legal advice, consulting, investigations and dispute resolution, the firm also offers expert leadership development, education and training - a unique quality that serves to distinguish the firm from their competitors and peers. In their role as a corporate law firm, PCS offers best in class consultancy, especially in regard to compliance and employment law. According to Joydeep, PCS has built its success on the back of a “modern, innovative and pragmatic” approach to law, defined by aiding their clients through continued professional development and training to prevent disputation, conflict and legal issues arising in the future. This dedication to creating long-lasting professional relationships with their clients has ensured that the firm remain utterly client-centric at all times. However, it is arguably the management consultancy arm of the firm which deserves special consideration. Utilising his unquestionable expertise, Joydeep offers proactive advice and training across a breadth of topics, such as the fundamentals of people management, the legal concepts for emerging HR professionals, and the methodology for conducting workplace investigations. As one of Australia’s most high- profile lawyers and a Graduate of Harvard Business School’s Owner-President Management Programme, it is hard to imagine a person better trained, and more experienced to lead the charge Company: People + Culture Strategies Address: Level 9, NAB House 255 George Street, Sydney, New South Wales, 2000, Australia Website: www.peopleculture. com.au Telephone: +61 2 8094 3101 Providing Innovative LeadershipDevelopment to Global Businesses F Oct18261 on ensuring that Australian businesses remain compliant and ahead of the game than Joydeep. To put it simply, PCS was created to help prevent the causes of corporate litigation before they become an issue – indeed, before other law firms would even get involved. In this, Joydeep and his team work two sides of the scale simultaneously – providing training before the fact, and advisory after. It would be remiss to bypass the firm’s work with the local community, which involves sponsoring a number of Australian organisations across sport, the arts, and education. Joydeep reaffirms that People + Culture understand the importance of giving back, supporting issues which are aligned with the firm’s values and ethos. Catering to business clients on both a domestic and international level, Joydeep has, by all regards, carved out a niche in the Australian legal landscape. When it comes to the future, Joydeep plans for PCS to experience further growth as they look to capitalise on their enviable position as experts in leadership development. For this, Joydeep was recognised by AI Magazine as the ‘Leading Labour and Employment Lawyer of the Year’ – a title that he is wholly deserving of. “This dedication to creating long-lasting professional relationships with their clients has ensured that the firm remain utterly client-centric at all times.” Leading Labour and Employment Lawyer of the Year, Australia

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