2018 Leading Adviser Supplement

232 Acquisition International - Leading Advisers 2018 1810AI44 44 Acquisit on International - Issue 10 2018 IURISPRIME is a multidisciplinary firm formed by several professionals in the IP field, who worked for the most important law firms and agencies around the globe. The firm found recent success in AI’s Leading Adviser Awards 2018 where they were awarded the accolade Leading Intellectual Property Agents, Andean Region. On the back of this win, we profiled IURISPRIME and spoke to Legal Specialist, Lucia Alves who provided us with a detailed insight into the award-winning firm. aving worked for five years as IURISPRIME, most of the firm’s members have more than 10 years of experience, since they worked for the most important firms in South America. After witnessing the unsatisfied needs of the applicants and intermediaries within the IP field, the team thought it was time to fix all of the issues most of the legal firms have, in order to give form to a new project called IURISPRIME. IURISPRIME is a multidisciplinary firm, first their administration team ensures that every aspect of the client’s instructions is taken in consideration, planning for the filings and/or deadlines. The firm take care of satisfying any specific requirement of their clients, avoiding omissions that might cause additional work on their side. When legal work is needed, their legal team analyses every detail of the case to give the most accurate advice, relying on a customised legal system to optimise the work and speed up all procedures. Going into further detail about the firm, Lucia begins by informing us of IURISPRIME’s ongoing strategy and the techniques the team employ to ensure that they achieve it. “Here at IURISPRIME, we are offering a ‘fair fees for all’ service. The reason being is that we understand that South American fees have been inflated too much, and the applicants are in trouble to protect their rights in this part of the world. It’s very important for us to charge the necessary fees to provide a best quality service at a very competitive pricing. This way we encourage start- ups to have access to advice and protection before it’s too late. Contact: Lucia Alves Company: IURISPRIME Address: La Paz, Bolivia Telephone: 591 772 43133 Web Address: www.iurisprime.com Protecting Intellectual Property H 1810AI44 “In the near future, we want to be in every major directory and magazine, having the necessary exposure to benefit all entrepreneurs and companies around the world. Meanwhile, we are building a social media strategy with the latest tools to reach all the people in need of protection.” Having recently been selected in AI’s Leading Adviser Awards 2018 in which they received the title Leading Intellectual Property Agents, Andean Region, Lucia highlights the key attributes that are essential to achieving success within the industry. “As a whole, we have to stop seeing applicants as clients. They are people in need of suitable advice and we must solve their problems and needs, giving them always a plus in our service. It’s important to give our best to guide them through their life in their respective industries, in order to strengthen the local economy and the global situation in the long run.” Helping the firm to achieve such remarkable success over the years, is the dedicated team that form the backbone of IURISPRIME. Lucia is keen to explain how the firm have been able to cultivate an atmosphere that is conducive to a productive working environment. “Constant meetings and training are a must, in order to keep the same vision. As a matter of fact, we are constantly investing in life-changing courses and seminars to support our team beliefs and get feedback from others to be better humans, as a way to achieve our business goals.” When discussing the current state of the industry, Lucia points out key issues which are affecting it, but also envisions what developments may occur in the near future for the sector. “Firms are charging high fees for administrative procedure that doesn’t involve that much money. We witness everyday how the IP filed is becoming prohibitive for many companies and people who are affected by the economic situation. Our mission “Since the entrepreneurs are somehow forgotten by the IP firms, we turned it as an opportunity to help this segment, which is the ground from which the future big companies will rise.” Leading Intellectual Property Agents, Bolivia