2018 Leading Adviser Supplement

180 Acquisition International - Leading Advisers 2018 20 Acquisit on International - Issue 6 2018 Decisis is a legal consultancy specialising in IP (with a focus on trade marks, copyright, designs and confidential information) and IT matters. Michael Bilewycz provided us with an overview of the company, highlighting the key ways in which the company achieves excellence through the services they provide. ecisis was founded in 2007 by Michael Bilewycz, who was previously Managing Director of the Omnicom boutique IP firm, Markforce Associates, until its sale in 2007. Types of clients now include law firms/ legal services businesses (both within the UK and internationally), global marketing businesses, branding/design consultancies, as well as the automotive and horological industries to name a few. In order to become truly successful, a great deal depends on the types of clients involved. Business owners in SMEs and their senior personnel want someone to speak to and correspond with, and who will handle personally or at least be intimately aware of their particular issues, whilst applying a high level of expertise. At the same time, those types of clients will appreciate an understanding of their business issues and where possible, the provision of a business-workable solution. Accordingly, it is important to ensure that the client’s business objectives are fully understood, and ideally this will mean constant communication both face-to-face, by telephone and e-mail. It is essential that the client’s business should come first. The aim is to provide commercial and business insight as well as significant cost benefits to the client. Decisis places an emphasis on flexibility and the benefits of providing bespoke and expert services to its clients and to deliver, wherever possible, solutions to those clients’ issues. Results should be reflected in the achievement of the clients’ business objectives and the adding of value to their businesses. Contact: Michael Bilewycz Company: Decisis Limited 5 St. John’s Lane, London EC1M 4BH, UK Telephone: 020 7250 4732 Web Address: www.decisis-law.co.uk Providing Bespoke and Expert Services D 1806AI23 The majority of our work concentrates on helping clients to establish and secure their rights and putting their brands, their business models and innovation on sound legal foundations. Intellectual property is becoming increasingly important in today’s business environment, particularly given the ever-growing digital/online environment. I learned of its importance during my experience as an in- house lawyer with a major FMCG multinational. The digital environment then was not as prevalent as it is now. At present, the London legal market is very much a market still in constant flux. My perception of the London legal market is that the growth of small independent specialist law firms is its most striking feature. They are flexible, provide a high standard of expertise and specialisation, and manage their costs very effectively. Simultaneously, medium- sized firms without a strong specialism are finding themselves under ever increasing pressure. The challenges are multifarious, including an ever- changing regulatory environment (and the changes that brings), greater competition, ever increasingly expensive overheads and professional indemnity insurance, and more demanding clients. In addition, we have to recognise the reality that is developing from our departure from the European Union. In our view, this should present new opportunities in the development of business and business law because we expect that both EU legislation and the Court of Justice of the EU will over time play a much smaller role. As a result, there may be opportunities to develop the law along different lines, as well as the resurrection of very valid legal concepts which have lain dormant in certain areas because of overarching harmonisation by EU institutions. To remain on the cutting edge of new developments, it is important to stay in touch with people from all types of business sectors (not just legal services), and to remember that we are always on a learning curve. The technology solutions for “keeping track of our client’s IP needs” are out there and we use them all. However, relying just on technology to keep “To remain on the cutting edge of new developments, it is important to stay in touch with people from all types of business sectors (not just legal services), and to remember that we are always on a learning curve.” 1806AI23 Leading Intellectual Property LawAdviser of the Year, UK

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