2018 Leading Adviser Supplement

178 Acquisition International - Leading Advisers 2018 1807AI58 68 Acquisition International - Issue 9 2018 Exceedra is the leading global provider of integrated business planning and revenue management systems for consumer-packaged goods (CPG). As part of our ongoing 2018 Leading Adviser Awards programme, Acquisition International Magazine recognised Exceedra as the Leading Integrated Business Planning Software Provider of the Year for the United Kingdom. Following this win, we spoke to Andrew Banks, the Sales Director for Exceedra, to find out more about this remarkable business. or over twenty years, Exceedra has been setting the standard in the CPG market through their trade promotion management and integrated business planning software. They are in the market of simplification, creating seamless, efficient processes for the largest producers of consumer goods in the world. These clients include: Panasonic, Bayer, Birds Eye and Weetabix, amongst numerous others. This year they have secured Bayer’s confidence, and were selected as the global provider for the firm’s trade promotion management and demand planning software. Building on the back of this exceptionally strong start to 2018, Andrew is eager to begin with an overview of Exceedra’s business strategy, and how it stays ahead of an ever-competitive market. “To stay ahead of the competition, and to continue to ensure clients receive truly cutting-edge solutions, Exceedra invests a significant proportion of its revenue into the in-house research and development team. Exceedra truly understands the marketplace and the issues CPG companies face in trade promotion daily. The company’s focus is to stay ahead of these issues and continue to build a system which simplifies data and speed of use.” Andrew continues, taking a moment to focus on Exceedra’s promotional activity in the sector, Contact: Andrew Banks Company: Exceedra, Southbank House, Black Prince Road, London, SE1 7SJ, UK Website: www.exceedra.com Meet the Global Expert in CPG Business Management Software F 1809AI25 “Throughout the year, Exceedra hosts a variety of thought leadership events and webinars, such sessions have hosts from practitioners within the CPG marketplace, offering an open forum to discuss the current challenges they face in their day to day activities. As a thought leader in the industry, Exceedra hosted the 3rd Consumer Goods Revenue Management Forum in March. The forum attracted over 100 delegates from over 70 different consumer goods organisations, discussing the challenges professionals face in the current market.” Ultimately, the foundation of Exceedra’s success can be found in the holistic, and comprehensive nature of their services, partnered with their expert knowledge, informed by years of experience in the industry. This experience has to be earned, and with two decades behind them, Exceedra’s expertise is undeniable. Andrew agrees, “To deliver a successful project in this space, it is essential that the software is viewed as a key enabler to the overall process. This requires companies wishing to improve their capability in Trade Promotion Management to select a partner that can offer both a proven software platform and the depth of experience of the industry to advise on best practice.” Exceedra’s approach to new clients is defined, primarily, by understanding – understanding how the client operates, and what they need the software to achieve; “As clients can vary in their specific needs, our first step is to fully understand the key motivations for undertaking the project and how the client currently operates. We will then agree a roadmap that will realise initial benefits early, while setting the right foundations for the mid and longer term. We can then create a project program and configure the solution that matches these needs. “Ensuring that all key stakeholders are aligned on the scope, project deliverables and success criteria “Exceedra have had an extremely successful start to 2018, this is down to our dedicated team and our fantastic clients, whom have seen tangible benefits from our solution, and are happy to participate in events, webinars and references.” Leading Integrated Business Planning Software Providers of the Year, UK

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