2018 Leading Adviser Supplement

Acquisition International - Leading Advisers 2018 177 1808AI10 Acquisition Internatio al - Issu 12 2018 45 EntrepreneurLawyer is dedicated to the innovation of legal services, provision and advising to benefit entrepreneurs and lawyers worldwide. We speak to Chrissie Lightfoot, the brainchild behind the brand, about the rationale behind this innovative company as she clinches the accolade of Leading Sales and Legal Coach of the Year, UK. hrissie Lightfoot had a penchant to become a lawyer from an early age, attracted by the pure challenge, strategy and frustration that such a role offered. However it wasn’t until 10 years after graduation from Leeds University with a 1st Class Honours in Leisure & business Studies in 1996, that she felt able to return and pursue her dream, graduation with a Masters degree in Law, and in 2008, a Legal Practise Certificate. She then began her legal career, qualifying as a solicitor in 2009 at a mid-tier law firm in Leeds. “The thought of being a lawyer in my early twenties made me cringe mainly because I wasn’t ready to jump on that treadmill at that particular time,” she explains. “I always felt that I would acquit myself better once I’d experienced ‘business’. I saw change, innovation and the digital age on the horizon. But I knew that one day I would be a lawyer.” Chrissie dealt with legal matters in her business affairs and was particularly interested in how the law could be used to benefit one’s business and personal goals. “For example, if you’ve got great intellectual property how do you make it work for you i.e. exploit it and protect it? Or how do you structure a company from day one if you know you want to exit with minimal taxation implications and motivate and reward employees tax efficiently along the way?” she states. “And therein was my calling. I felt that ‘going native’ would help me understand ‘why’ lawyers behaved the way they did so that I could serve the entrepreneurial client in a better way and I was privileged with the opportunity to ‘legally serve’ entrepreneurs for a while until a greater calling beckoned whereby I could utilise my true talent for the benefit of many, rather than a few.” Contact: Chrissie Lightfoot Company: EntrepreneurLawyer Address: 323 West Point Wellington Street, Leeds, LS1 4JU Telephone: +44 (0)7793 510104 Email: chrissie@ entrepreneurlawyer.co.uk Website Address: http:// entrepreneurlawyer.co.uk Best Foot Forward C 1808AI10 Chrissie founded EntrepreneurLawyer Ltd in a bid to help lawyers and entrepreneurs come together in a positive way. The company is a full service relationship sales provider and a collective team of independent strategic, professional, trusted specialists who live, breath and ‘walk the talk’ in relation to everything about ‘soft skilling’ for bottom line impact. “EntrepreneurLawyer is the sum total of my life’s knowledge, experience, skills and talent that I wish to share unreservedly with those of whom wish to engage. I hope it will be of great benefit to lawyers (primarily young lawyers and lawyers2B entering the profession) and entrepreneurs as it evolves.” Chrissie tells us more about the firm’s mission. “It exists to help lawyers become entrepreneurial, to bring lawyers and entrepreneurs together in a positiveway, to help bridge the gap between the legal world and the business world, to aid understanding between both parties and to provide ‘soft skill’ products and services together with LawTech and LegalTech awareness and understanding that will bring about cost effective, time effective and time efficient legal provision which creates value for both lawyers and entrepreneurs.” Chrissie is a global award winning woman entrepreneur, a solicitor (non-practising), consultant, regular international Keynote speaker, legal futurist, LawTech investor, legal and business commentator, writer and author of best-selling book series The Naked Lawyer . She is also now a prominent international legal and technology figure. As well as Entrepreneur Lawyer, she is also the visionary, co-founder and CEO of Robot Lawyer LISA (AI Tech Support Ltd) - the Legal Intelligence Support Assistant – the world’s first impartial AI lawyer. She heads up the company in the research, development and deployment of legal AI solutions for businesses and consumers. “The bottom line is, we will work with you to discover what really makes the difference to your clients, identify the skills gap, train and inspire you and your people and help you focus and fully engage your resources – adding value to every aspect of your client relationships and creating increased fee income, effective relationship sales, enduring loyalty, greater referrals and sustained profitability.” “EntrepreneurLawyer is the sum total of my life’s knowledge, experience, skills and talent that I wish to share unreservedly with those of whom wish to engage.” L ading Sales and Legal Coach of the Year, UK

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