2018 Leading Adviser Supplement

Acquisition International - Leading Advisers 2018 163 1804AI26 60 Acquisition International - Issue 6 2018 Gilson Gray is a multi-award winning full-service law firm with offices in Edinburgh and Glasgow. We spoke to Glen Gilson as we looked to find out more about this exciting company. pening its doors in 2014, Gilson Gray was the largest full-service law firm launch in the sector’s history. One of the fastest growing law firms in the UK, and a multi award winning business, the firm has been recognised as Law Firm of the Year twice along with many other accolades. Based in Edinburgh and Glasgow, the firm offers accredited specialists and award-winning lawyers across every field of law. With a vision in mind, Glen outlines Gilson Gray’s overall mission and what strategies are in place for the firm to follow in order to reach its targets. He talks about how the firm takes undertakes new projects, and what steps the team take to ensure clients receives the best possible outcome. “Here at Gilson Gray, we want to be the best law firm in Scotland by using insightful and imaginative thinking, uniting people with our common purpose. “Crucial to our success, staff maintain a positive and progressive environment through openness, energy and responsibility that results in collaborative success. We have a litany of initiatives, processes and management aids that facilitate, encourage and police this. It is core to our culture.” Providing us with a brief overview of the industry, Glen tells us some common trends which the firm has seen in the legal sector, and how the practice has benefitted from them. “Interestingly, we are seeing a large amount of consolidation particularly to English parents. There are therefore increasingly fewer significant and independent Scottish firms left in the market. As such, parented firms attempt to replicate English margins, the cost point for clients using these Scottish branches is being driven up, providing opportunities for domestic, sufficiently scaled operations, such as ourselves.” Company: Gilson Gray LLP Contact: Vanessa Kennedy Address: 29 Rutland Square, Edinburgh, EH1 2BW, UK Phone: 1312854790 Website: www.gilsongray.co.uk Qualified Lawyers with a Purpose O 1804AI26 Operating within the ever evolving legal market, the practice has had to employ certain techniques in order to stay ahead of advances within the industry. Ensuing competitors do not get a head start, Glen tells us about the purposely designed model which has become a vital factor in the firm’s success. “Firstly, we deliberately designed our model from launch to be able to produce higher margins than the traditionalistic legal model. We can then pass this margin back to our client, creating more competitive feeing levels to our competitors. It is a win – win. Also, we have focused strongly on culture.” Regarding the internal culture within Gilson Gray, Glen comments on what he does to ensure that his staff are always in the best possible position to answer queries which clients may have, as well as dealing with potential issues which may arise. “Essentially, our purpose helps convey our cultural ambitions; to continually challenge the conventional by thinking beyond the obvious and forging genuine connections. “Furthermore, we have invested incredible time and effort in defining with our staff and partners what the Best Firm in Scotland looks like. We have agreed a multitude of behaviours and clear brand values that are intrinsic to our appraisals, rewards and management of the business. In doing this and adopting a zero-tolerance approach, we ensure that staff are best equipped to take care of our clients.” Gilson Gray’s culture is what helps the firm separate itself out from its competitors, with the associated benefit for clients is best summarised through its manifesto. Glen summarises the philosophy of staff which helps it succeed. “We are translators. We are guides. We are sympathisers. We are counsellors. We are protagonists. Because you never just need a lawyer. We don’t only look at your specific legal requirement. We look at how it impacts your bigger picture, because if we don’t understand you, how can we offer the best advice? “There are too many companies who operate entirely on traditions, who exist purely to make financial gains, or to simply booster egos. Nothing “We are translators. We are guides. We are sympathisers. We are counsellors. We are protagonists. Because you never just need a lawyer.” Leading Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution Specialist of the Year, UK

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