2018 Leading Adviser Supplement

Acquisition International - Leading Advisers 2018 149 Acquis tion Int rnational - I sue 6 2018 7 Home s-abroad.net has been providing clients with an outstanding level of property advice in Spain for more than 10 years. We gained an insight into the success of the firm from Managing Director, Christian Boesen as he outlines what attributes his team hold which have contributed to its outstanding achievements. ounded in 2005, Home s-abroad.net is a buyer’s broker operating with a mission of finding a property in Spain which is ideally suited to its clients. The company offers a variety of services which are highly personalised to suit individual requirements and are handled by qualified buyer brokers, premium partners and experienced support staff. Dealing with clients from across the globe, the team works with multiple nationalities, all from its locations all over Spain. Sometimes looking for properties, both local and abroad can be stressful, but the team at Homes-Abroad.net ensures that the process is extremely smooth, and takes all the stress away from the customer. Christian explains how the team guarantees that the customer feels at ease throughout the process. “When undertaking a new project, we make sure that we always are on top and that the client feels and believe that we have things under control. This process is part of our overall strategy when working on projects, as we are keen users of the internet, which helps us to monitor the trends in the property industry in Spain, and see the feedback that customers are giving us. Each member of the team adopts a personal approach and works closely with the client to make sure we find the idea property for them. A highlight of this has been our ability to gain the trust of clients and subsequently build long-term relationships.” Throughout the inspection trip for clients, the team goes with the client to visit the selected property, and work with both sides to ensure that all papers are in order and that the property is legal, taking further stress away from the client. Importantly, staff work hard to find the issues before they become expenses, and in addition, they get a realistic price evaluation of the property based on the location and the condition of the property. Ensuring that clients do not get a bad deal, the team helps the client to stand strong in the price negotiation, also taking this stressful part away from the client, and, with knowledge of the local area, the team has an advantage in knowing the ideal prices. Furthermore, delivering on its promise of providing only the best customer service, the team follows the Company: Homes-Abroad.net – The Spain Specialist Contact: Christian Boesen Address: Calle Valencia 45 bajo, L´Eliana, Valencia, 46183, Spain Phone: 0034 6099 77262 Email: christian@homes-abroad.net Website: www.homes-abroad.net The Buyer’s Broker in Spain F 1806AI44 purchase from inception to completion. The team ensures that the loan is paid and will guarantee that everything has been done, so that the client can concentrate on getting in place and setting up their new home. With the internet playing an increasingly vital role in the property market, it is essential that the team at Homes-Abroad.net can invest and maintain the relevant IT, as this is what clients have come to expect. As a result of this, Christian explains that client expectations have risen, and he tells us what challenges and opportunities he and the team have faced which affected their position in the market, and the processes they usually undertake. “The clients have become more demanding and look more themselves on the internet. Today, it is easy to find properties on the internet, but it is very difficult to find the right one. You cannot do that from your house, as you have to know every area.” Allowing staff the freedom to provide an excellent service, employees at the company are independent in their work and the offices around Spain have cultivated a creative working environment which sees team members having control of their own region, as there is no better attribute to have than local knowledge of the regional property market. However, although they have their independence, staff are also supported by Christian and his team through marketing materials, as they hard to utilise the right tools given by them to succeed. Moving forward, Christian is keen to entertain the idea of the company continuing to focus on the internet and ensure that all team members can keep up to date with any developments which will arise. In his concluding comments, he signed off by outlining his future aspirations regarding the business and told us about some of the future plans that he would like to share with the team. “Ultimately, we are working on a share project where more families join forces so they can get more and better properties for their money. At Homes-Abroad.net, we strongly believe in the share economy.” At Homes-Abroad.net, from dream to reality, the team makes the client’s dreams come true. 1806AI44 Leading Real Estate and Property Adviser of the Year, Spain