2018 Leading Adviser Supplement

126 Acquisition International - Leading Advisers 2018 1804AI10 38 Acquisit on International - Issue 4 2018 Marcap is an Italian independent corporate finance firm devoted to successful SMEs and Corporations. We profile the company and speak to Managing Partner, Agostino Baiocco as we aim to discover the secrets behind its many and ongoing achievements. arcap is a business finance consulting company founded with the intention of supporting companies in their growth redefinition programs of the corporate financial structure. Working with a diverse range of customers, Marcap aims to partner with its clients in order to support them throughout their development plans, as well as in complex financial transactions. Upholding its sterling reputation, the company is a reliable partner and is committed to supporting its clients throughout their growth stages, producing exceptional results along the way. Dedicated and consistent, the team supports its clients in a variety of ways, from the development of a business idea, to the evaluation of an investments, until relaunching of the business. Looking to establish itself as a leader in the finance sector, Marcap supports clients in designing and implementing complex financial transactions on international scale, such as M&A and financial restructurings, in financial and business planning, and in managing relations with financial institutions. Boasting a wealth of experience, the management team is made up of knowledgeable professionals and support companies in strategic choices and financial deals. Adding to its remarkable track record, the firm is a member of the international network IR Global. Alongside its consistent and impressive results, Marcap is also able to deliver exceptional customer Company: Marcap S.p.A. Contact: Agostino Baiocco Address: Via Guglielmo Marconi, 27, Civitanova Marche – 62012, Italy Phone: 0039 0733 18 33 955 Web Address: www.marcap.eu DeliveringResults throughExceptional ConsultingAdvice M 1804AI10 service, and can tailor each process to each individual client. A crucial aspect of the firm’s achievements, has been its striking ability to implement solutions based on a client’s needs and characteristics, whilst also placing a focus on the personal aspects of a client organisation. Essentially, in this ever increasing technological environment, adopting a personal approach when dealing with clients goes a long way in exceeding client expectations. The transaction is managed with high level of professionalism and accuracy in compliance with the highest ethics principals. Operating in the competitive financial landscape is a challenge which Marcap has embraced, and looked to utilise many of the opportunities which have presented themselves to the firm. However, within Italy, there have been dramatic changes in the Italian financial landscape, and this is characterised by a stricter banking system, as well as a wider range of opportunities to finance companies. Important in this respect, Marcap can assist clients in defining the most sustainable capital and financial structure in raising funds. Leading by example, Agostino provides us with a comment on his leadership style, and explains how he gives the team freedom to act in their roles and judge for themselves what they believe to be the best solution. “Here at Marcap, any member of the team is urged to take the responsibility for their task, and they work increasingly hard to deliver a fast and efficient service in order to get the best result for the client.” Producing impeccable results with a personal touch, clients are increasingly satisfied with the service that Marcap offers, and client feedback is evidence of this, as well as a vast amount of repeat business. The high level reached is testified by the clients which make use of Marcap’s advisory services frequently, with business relationships lasting many years and covering an assortment of different kind of transactions. “Here at Marcap, any member of the team is urged to take the responsibility for their task, and they work increasingly hard to deliver a fast and efficient service in order to get the best result for the client.” Leading Corporate Finance Adviser of the Year, Italy

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