2018 Leading Adviser Supplement

124 Acquisition International - Leading Advisers 2018 1808AI36 36 Acquisit on International - Issue 8 2018 Imperium Trust is an independent privately-owned fiduciary company with 29 staff based in Guernsey. Following their success in Acquisition Intl. Magazine’s Leading Adviser Awards 2018 where they were righteously awarded the accolade Leading Family Wealth and Trust Planner, Guernsey we sat down with the firm’s Client Services Director, Casey Jonkmans who reveals to us more about the secrets behind Imperium Trust’s remarkable success. mperium offers a range of fiduciary services to both private and corporate clients as well as pension structures. In addition, the firm have a proactive business development approach. Over the past year, the firm have seen increased business coming from new markets – particularly South Africa, Kenya and India – complementing their existing client base. However, the majority of new clients continue to come from their referral network of London intermediaries with whom a managed owned, independent Trust Company in a well- regulated jurisdiction is ideal for their private clients. Casey begins the interview by explaining to us the approach the firm uses when undertaking a new client, noting how the team ensure from the start that the outcome is able to meet the needs of everyone involved. “At Imperium Trust, our approach is service-driven. Our independent status means that we are able to offer clients a much wider choice of third party providers and can often accommodate the client’s own choice of investment manager for example. This flexibility is highly popular with our clients and has been an attractive proposition when pitching for new business. “We are often referred business from tax advisors and lawyers. We ensure that tax advice is sought on every new case. This advice is outsourced to third party organisations with the necessary qualified tax professionals. Each client has a tax adviser with whom there is regular consultation. Whilst we have a panel of third party tax advisers, we are also able to accommodate the client’s choice where the recommendation is felt suitably experienced and qualified to deliver the appropriate service. “Also, we know that our fees are competitive in a marketplace where a number of fiduciaries continue to increase their pricing, especially following consolidation.” Contact: Casey Jonkmans Email: Casey.Jonkmans@ imperiumtrust.com Company: Imperium Trust PO Box 635, Second Floor St Peters House, Le Bordage, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 3DS Telephone: 01481 728380 Web Address: www.imperiumtrust.com Bringing Levels of Energy and a Passion for Service Excellence I 1808AI36 At Imperium Trust, their strategy is one of achieving growth – both organic and through acquisition – and to diversify into new geographic markets to ensure long-term success. In January 2018, the firm acquired Blenheim Trust and its client portfolio following on from their previous acquisition of Saltire Trust in 2014. As a result, the firm have moved into larger premises for the fourth time since their inception in 2012. Like most financial industries, increased transparency is something that needs to be addressed yet at the same time ensuring that everyone is on a “level playing field”. The team at Imperium Trust continue to adapt to meet requirements for both clients and their fiduciary responsibilities. Casey noted that “Our low level of staff turnover speaks for itself. In the past year we have attracted three senior professionals to join us from competitors and now recognise that we are seen as an employer of choice locally. We do not have any issues in attracting high calibre individuals to fill the roles required. Also, our extremely low staff turnover level is a key factor in our continuing success. “Recently we introduced an additional level of ‘hierarchy’ (Senior Management) in order to facilitate a more staggered step from management to Director and this is a key focus of the Company’s succession planning.” Moving forward, the future for Imperium Trust looks strong as Casey informs us of the aspirations which he envisions for the firm. “Looking ahead to what the future holds at Imperium Trust, we aim to continue to grow the book of business keeping to our model of continuity of staff and ensuring that we deliver the highest levels of service to our clients.” Leading Family Wealth and Trust Planner, Guernsey

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