2018 Leading Adviser Supplement

Acquisition International - Leading Advisers 2018 119 Acquisition International - March 2018 47 Stephan Roider is a European Patent Attorney representing clients in various intellectual property matters, in particular in European and International patent prosecution, opposition and appeal proceedings. We profiled Stephan’s firm, ROIDER IP as we look to gain an insight into its ongoing success. stablished in 2013, ROIDER IP is an aspiring European patent law firm, and Stephan Roider is the founder of the ambitious and forward-thinking company. Boasting a wealth of experience and an impressive portfolio, Stephan has an exceptional track record of more than 10 years working in the field of intellectual property. Alongside this, Stephan possesses a technical degree in physics and industry experience due to his work for technology companies, all of which has contributed to him featuring as AI’s Leading Intellectual Property Practitioner of the Year in Germany. Combining his highly qualified legal and technical expertise, Stephan is able to clearly understand his clients’ objectives, as well as providing them with expert and focused intellectual property services, resulting in the desired outcome for both sides. Regarding its operations, ROIDER IP is focused on providing cost efficient and high quality intellectual property services, in particular drafting and filing European and International patent applications. Essentially, the firm supports and accompanies its clients through every stage of patenting European patents, from drafting the application to defending or attacking a European patent in opposition and appeal proceedings before the European Patent Office. Typically, the clients of ROIDER IP are domestic and foreign companies, who are involved in all fields of technology, ranging in terms of size fromsmall start-ups to medium-sized and large multinational companies, as well as research institutions and individuals. Company: ROIDER IP Law Firm Contact: Stephan Roider, European Patent Attorney, Founding Partner Address: Pfarrer-Erhard-Weg 19, 82008 Unterhaching, Germany Tel: +49 89 2371 0616 Fax: +49 89 2371 0615 E-Mail: patent@roider-ip.de Website: www.roider-ip.de ROIDER IP: Expertswith the World at Their Feet E 1803AI24 Highlighting the company’s excellent level of customer satisfaction, many of the firm’s clients have said that Stephan works closely with them in order to provide proactive suggestions for obtaining more valuable intellectual property rights, as well as establishing a strong IP strategy. Focusing on technology, the team at ROIDER IP place a focus in the fields of general mechanics, general mechanical engineering, medical engineering, aeronautical engineering, optics, electrical engineering, semiconductor technology as well as information and telecommunication technology. Brimming with knowledge, amongst the team at ROIDER IPthere is a profound amount of experience in the prosecution of European and International patent applications, along with a diverse skillset in opposition and appeal proceedings before the European Patent Office. This combination of legal and technical expertise allows the team to be creative but also understanding their clients’ objectives, providing them with cost efficient and high quality intellectual property services. Overall, it is the extensive amount of knowledge and highly-skilled staff which contributes a huge amount to the success of ROIDER IP. Gaining the trust of clients and providing excellent client service, has resulted in numerous businesses choosing to work with the firm through word of mouth, as they are impressed with the close nature of which Stephan works with them. ROIDER| IP EUROPEAN PATENT ATTORNEY “ROIDER IP is focused on providing cost efficient and high quality intellectual property services...” Leading Intellectual Property Practitioner (Engineering) of the Year, Germany

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