2018 Leading Adviser Supplement

Acquisition International - Leading Advisers 2018 115 1804AI16 40 Acquisition International - Issue 4 2018 Hoffmann Liebs Fritsch & Partner Rechtsanwälte mbB specialises in advising ambitious commercial clients and exceeding their expectations in Germany and abroad. We profile the firm as we look to gain an insight into the company named by AI in the 2018 Leading Adviser Awards as the Leading Business Contract Law Adviser of the Year in Germany. stablished in 1979, Hoffmann Liebs Fritsch & Partner has provided comprehensive legal advice to businesses on a wide range of commercial matters, as well as advice on complex transactions and highly specific issues. Typically, the firm’s clients include small and mid-sized firms as well as DAX 30 and MDAX companies, plus companies listed on foreign stock exchanges. Holding a worldwide reputation, the company offers a vast array of advisory services, with the aim of meeting and surpassing clients’ expectations in Germany and business owners in every sector. Amongst these services, the firm works in corporate law, employment law, labour law trade, commercial and distribution law, insolvency and competition. Additionally, the firm has expertise in a range of further specialist areas, including environment law, technology law and construction, banking regulation and stock exchange supervisory law, IT law (including data protection), energy law, particular areas of criminal law, such as tax proceedings. Alongside the firm’s expertise and knowledge, the team also possesses a wealth of experience in court procedural matters. As such, staff are subsequently able to provide each individual client with a comprehensive advisory and representative service, tailored towards their own needs. Always looking to satisfy and surpass client expectations in every case the company takes on, the legal team looks to find the best economic and law related balance for the client. The firm is able to do this thanks to its highly specialised and very experienced lawyers, who are able to provide continuous education to itself and its staff. Results that are achieved are always reviewed with clients, and the team communicate with clients in order to continuously develop its skills and achievements. Throughout Germany, the legal industry is currently very stable, and it is the perfect time for the firm to take on new projects. With the sector becoming increasingly digitalised, and China emerging as an economic power, there will be new developments and advances every day, but this is something that the team Company: Hoffmann Liebs Fritsch & Partner Rechtsanwälte mbB Address: Kaiserswerther Straße 119, Düsseldorf, 40474, Germany Phone: 00 49 2 11 5 18 8217 Contact: RA Christoph Schmitt Christoph.Schmitt@hlfp.de Website: www.hlfp.de ProvidingProfessional andCost Effective Legal Advice E 1804AI16 at Hoffmann Liebs Fritsch & Partner are prepared for, as they will look to embrace any challenges and turn them into opportunities. Especially the very well know China-Desk of Hoffmann Liebs, with his nearly 20 years of experience doing China business is ready to give professional assistance to Chines and European clients for successful business on the Chinese and European markets. Amongst the company, all employees are trained to an exceptionally high standard, and all boast extensive experience. The management team has managed to cultivate a thriving working environment, allowing staff to have the freedom to maximise their potential, meaning they are able to deliver unrivalled customer service across all of its specialist areas. Furthermore, Hoffmann Liebs has been able to establish a vast international support network for all of its commercial clients. In this regard, it affected the firm’s role as ‘global players’ as it has had to form its skills not only to national issues but also to the development of worldwide distribution systems. Also, they had to conduct successful negotiations in different cultural areas and attain knowledge of cross-border contractual systems, as well as know-how about country-specific negotiation techniques. All these developments have led to widespread optimism and belief amongst the firm, since they can capitalise on its recent success of being named in the Leading Adviser Awards as the Leading Business Contract Law Adviser of the Year in Germany. This is built on the purpose that Germany is a very attractive economic area for foreign companies and investors. As a joint project, the company would like to establish itself as a leader in the sector, as it aims to be a trustworthy and serious contact for all companies deciding to make business in Germany and/or with German companies. Ultimately, as well as capitalising on the success of Hoffmann Liebs Fritsch & Partner, Christoph Schmitt has widely published some books regarding business contracts and general conditions for other lawyers and companies. Leading Business Contract LawAdviser of the Year, Germany

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