2018 Leading Adviser Supplement

Acquisition International - Leading Advisers 2018 113 1806AI73 50 Acquisition International - Issue 9 2018 IP Trust Innovation is an intellectual property consulting firm based out of Paris, France. In May, IP Trust was named in Acquisition International Magazine’s 2018 Leading Adviser Awards with the title of Leading Intellectual Property Practitioner of the Year, as the representative for France. Following this, we took a look at this exceptional firm to see how they have distinguished themselves in this challenging legal arena. ince 2011, IP Trust Innovation has catered to SMEs, investors, academic institutions and large corporate establishments to help fuel innovative developments in the corporate sphere. Today, they are considered experts in the patent industry, approaching intellectual property from a strategic, and academic perspective, they have partnered with the leading inter-professional law firms who represent the very best practitioners in corporate law, creating, simply, the undisputed authorities in IP. Their services range from international protection, to patent defence and competition law, offering a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all of their client’s intellectual property needs. Through their thorough and comprehensive approach to their work, they have nurtured a reputation that extends across border as an innovation-first company. As the world moves ever-forward, and technology adapts at an ever-increasing rate, the intellectual property sector has, in turn, had to evolve. As we move into the digital age, a world defined by cloud technology, IoT, and artificial intelligence, the IP sector has had to resolve such issues that have arisen as a result of greater interconnectivity. It is easier now more than ever to steal someone else’s property, and to infringe copyright law. IP Trust Innovation fundamentally understand that the sector is undergoing swift, and unrelenting, Company: IP Trust Innovation Address: 2 Rue de Clichy, Paris, 75009, France Website: www.iptrust.fr Telephone: +33 (0) 181 921715 Presenting the International Experts in Intellectual Property Services S 1806AI73 changes. The best firms need to keep ahead of these shifts, and, in addition, predict what comes next. IP firms, more than most, must be future-proof and future-centric, able to predict the next industry- wide development. This becomes more important when held against a corporate framework; where once physical resources were the key to business success, the key to success now lies in knowledge, information and ideas. Perhaps more importantly than that, is the idea that intellectual property ties intrinsically into the idea of innovation. They go hand in hand, new patents often trigger advancement, adding fuel for further developments in turn. IP Trust Innovation epitomise the future of the intellectual property industry. Adapting when adaptation is required, evolving alongside their clients, and driving innovative changes, they have become vital in a digital-first world. Their novel approach to a well-trodden, competitive sector has created one of the leading firms in the sector and looks set to drive their growth for many years to come. “IP firms, more than most, must be future- proof and future-centric, able to predict the next industry-wide development.” Leading Intellectual Property Practitioner of the Year, France

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