2018 Leading Adviser Supplement

102 Acquisition International - Leading Advisers 2018 Forming and operating a Captive can seem complicated to the lay person, but with Alternative Risk Transfer Solutions Provider of the Year, Pro Group Captive Management, it is all taken care of. ro Group is the premier administrator of self-insured groups for workers’ compen- sation in Nevada and approved Captive Manager specialising in alternative risk transfer solutions for businesses of all sizes and types. The firm manages five successful self-insured work- ers’ comp groups in the highly competitive workers’ compensation marketplace and has achieved record growth continuously since 1995. Earning the industry’s confidence in self-insured al- ternatives and conventional workers’ comp coverage, Pro Group prides itself on sound and effective risk management with training support and tools to help build and maintain the strongest possible safety cul- ture in the workplace while providing complete protec- tion of outstanding medical treatment and lost wage management for employees. It does this by supporting clients with proven state-of-the-art claims handling, superior management, lower rates than traditional car- riers, and by helping clients create a safer workplace. Pro Group Captive Management is an approved Cap- tive Manager on shore in most all domiciles. Control and stabilization are the key benefits to a Captive in- surance company. Savings in administration and over- head costs are recognized while providing better ser- vice to the insured employers because management is handled by the Captive Administrator rather than by an insurance company. P “Pro Group believes that communication, superior service and specialised expert staff is the key to a successful Captive program and it has a long-term view towards its client relationships.” Pro Group Captive Management Services is a re- spected global company that operates under the belief system and premise that its clients and their needs come first. As a long standing adviser in Alternative Risk Transfer, Pro Group is aware of the challenges of orchestrating the many moving pieces involved in the formation and operations for a Captive. The company manages more than $70 million in annual premium and more than $400 million in total assets for its Cap- tive clients. Pro Group has served the Captive industry since 2002, forming and managing more than 70 Captives of all sizes and types in a wide variety of risks and cover- ages from an impressive group of companies ranging from large corporations to smaller family owned oper- ations. Pro Group has also grown its practice and has added additional staff, expanded to new states and currently is serving clients operating in 44 states and 22 countries. Further, Pro Group has added bold new enhancements to their brand and their online services as well as board member services, claims reporting and vendor services. Pro Group believes that communication, superior ser- vice and specialised expert staff is the key to a suc- cessful Captive program and it has a long-term view towards its client relationships. With nearly 100% client retention, Pro Group’s clients enjoy the benefits of their Captive while it handles all the details. Forming and operating a Captive can seem com- plicated to the lay person. With Pro Group, clients are free to sit back and relax, and let the firm’s sea- soned veteran professional staff help them assess if a Captive is the right alternative risk transfer tool for their organisation. From formation to operations, investments, annual reporting, compliance and much more, Pro Group has experts ready to handle the daily work of forming and managing its clients’ Captive. Alternative Risk Transfer Solutions Provider of the Year 1808AI33 Company: Pro Group Captive Management