2017 Legal Awards

30 Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2017 Rosenbaum IP partners with high technology companies to assist in developing intellectual property asset and portfolio value. We spoke to David Rosenbaum to find out a bit more about the company, and discuss what has led to it becoming so successful. ounded in 1988, Rosenbaum’s clients have achieved over $1.7 Billion (USD) in market value through financing rounds, merger and acquisition, licensing or litigation awards. To achieve this success, staff at Rosenbaum combine professional and technical skills with level-headed business principles and experience to craft intellectual property asset portfolios that address the full range of intellectual property rights. The practice is devoted to supporting client’s needs for intellectual property asset development, commercialization and, when necessary, enforcement. Servicing and dealing with a wide range of well- renowned clients, Rosenbaum has developed an extensive intellectual property law practice representing a wide spectrum of clientele from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations in intellectual rights procurement, product development, handling transactions and strategic litigation. In addition to its Intellectual Property rights filing and acquisition practice, members of the firm counsel clients in complex intellectual property matters and supervise due diligence and positioning reviews for licensing, mergers and acquisition and strategic product development, all with the result of building and enhancing value of clients’ intellectual property estates. Related to its success is the hiring structure of Rosenbaum, and as such, David tells us how the company ensure that they employ only the highest quality level of staff, which in turn means they are able to provide the highest standard of service to clients. “Hiring is the lifeblood of our business. It is built around three factors: a can-do attitude, a will do attitude and good culture fit. The culture fit is, in our view, the most important hiring factor. All of our job descriptions include a communication of culture that leads our hiring initiatives. Final candidates are given psycho-behavioural tests to better understand whether they are a good fit with our culture prior to hiring.” Various types of success and recognition can be rewarding. David explains what he believes to be the most rewarding aspect of working in the legal position. He observes that he has been constantly learning new attributes, and new technologies, whilst overcoming challenges which present themselves feels very rewarding. Company: Rosenbaum IP Contact: David Rosenbaum Email: DRosenbaum@ rosenbaumip.com Address: 1480 Techny Road, Northbrook, Illinois, 60062, USA Phone: 00847 770 6000 Website: www.rosenbaumip.com Rosenbaum IP F LA170023 “Really, the intellectual property field is one that virtually guarantees growth. In almost 35 years of practice, I have consistently learned new technologies, been challenged with new issues and have never been faced with repeating anything.” David then comments on the culture within Rosenbaum, explaining how he makes sure that this culture is spread across all sectors of the company. Transferring the company culture across to clients is also an important factor in the ongoing success of the company, and this commitment to clients is something David believes helps Rosenbaum stand out amongst other similar firms. “Here at Rosenbaum, we assiduously guard our Firm’s culture to ensure that our people have a respectful and encouraging environment in which to grow and thrive. This culture then extends to our clients and the energy we bring to our client relationships. Simply put, our culture is framed by several above-the-line principles based in accountability and proactive participation. “Helping to set ourselves apart from others, is staff’s efficiency and commitment. Our clients routinely reflect to us that they value how facile our firm is in handling matters and in communicating timely and effectively with them. We commit to standards of communication and services delivery at the outset of every engagement.” Signing off, David talks about Rosenbaum’s plan for the future, predicting what developments will occur within the industry, and how this will benefit the company. Continuing to grow and expand is high on the list of David’s priorities, all the time whilst keeping an eye on the Intellectual Property sector. “Ultimately, our firm, like all Intellectual Property firms, is witnessing and participating in a generational evolution of the Intellectual Property field. As technology continues to permeate human endeavours, the role of Intellectual Property is becoming an even more significant aspect of business as well as social, economic, governmental effect and policy. I expect our Firm to continue to grow and evolve in concert with the changes in the Intellectual Property field and in alignment with our clients in a manner that ensures we consistently maximize the value-focused service we deliver to our clients.” Best Patent Law Firm & Award for Excellence in IP Strategy - Midwest USA

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