2017 Legal Awards

26 Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2017 NSIP Law is a full-service intellectual property law firm based in Washington, D.C. providing world-class utility and design patent, trademark, copyright and litigation services to an international clientele, ranging from well-known multi-national corporations and major universities, to small individual inventors and businesses. We profiled the firm’s founder and Managing Partner, Charles Y. Park, who gives us an insight into the firm’s rapid growth and its approach to providing the best client service. stablished in 2007, NSIP was created by a small group of like-minded attorneys who wished to better serve the needs of our clients in ways that were not being met by existing practice models in law firms and corporate legal departments. Charles discusses the strengths of the firm and what he attributes to its success. “Relating to our strengths, it is definitely our professionals. We select the best intellectual property attorneys from corporate IP departments, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, major international law firms, IP boutiques, and engineering or technical assignments in a broad array of industries. Our attorneys and professionals possess diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives, which sets our practice apart from other law firms. “All legal and administrative personnel have highly diverse expertise in electronics and electrical engineering, design, computer science, biology and biotechnology, mechanical engineering and materials science, the practices and procedures of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and litigation and trial practice in U.S. courts and administrative agencies. Our firm encourages and empowers every member of the team to exercise the greatest level of care and creativity in each matter that is entrusted to them.” Following on from Charles talking about the strength of his staff, he is quick to attribute to the firm’s hiring structure as a reason for its impressive success. Staff are trained and managed to the highest standard, treated as though they are clients, which benefits the working environment within the company as well as motivating employees to deliver the best service. “As a result of its exceptional hiring, management, and mentoring practices, NSIP Law has demonstrated consistent and significant growth, and has received recognition as one of the best and most effective intellectual property law firms in the United States. For instance, in 2016 NSIP Law was ranked as the No. 4 law firm in the United States for utility patent prosecution by JuristatSM based on several qualitative and quantitative criterial. NSIP Law is also currently ranked No. 2 in the United States for design patent prosecution, based on the number of design patents that it obtained in 2015 and 2016.” “Within the firm, our culture focuses on three core values: Excellence, Cost Effectiveness, and Commitment. We do not waiver in our efforts to Company: NSIP Law Contact: Charles Park Email: charles@nsiplaw.com info@nsiplaw.com Address: 1120 Connecticut Ave, NW Ste 304, Washington, DC 20036, USA Phone: 001 202 429 0020 Website: www.nsiplaw.com NSIP Law E LA170012 consistently deliver excellence by providing the highest quality of service to our clients, which applies the technical and legal expertise of our professionals in order to present the best practical solutions to meet our clients’ needs. We never lose sight of the need to be highly efficient and cost-effective in serving our clients, without sacrificing the quality and sophistication of our services and solutions. Our high standards are achieved through a commitment to unsurpassed loyalty, professionalism and dedication in all client engagements.” Discussing the diverse client base, Charles alludes to the fact that staff approach each individual client with a unique tactic to produce the best result. The team also nurtures and strengthens that culture by undertaking a consistent practice of sharing information, knowledge and experience with its clients. “At NSIP, our dynamic international clientele and the diversity of our practitioners provides our firm with unique insight into the issues presented by developing and managing a diverse portfolio of intellectual property rights, which is often global in scale and focus. As every client has different needs and goals for intellectual property protection, we tailor our team, practices and approach to meet each client’s IP culture. This enhances our clients’ confidence in their understanding of the often complex realm of intellectual property law, and results in better decision making regarding intellectual property matters, so that they can develop their own best practices. Through this unfailing transparency, NSIP develops deep and long-standing relationships with our clients which are true partnerships not duplicated by other law firms. “Our firm has grown during a period of significant changes in intellectual property law, implemented by the Supreme Court, the Federal Circuit, Congress and the USPTO. Ultimately, these developments have placed a premium on obtaining sophisticated, multi-faceted legal advice from experienced intellectual property practitioners who understand these changes at every stage of the patent application and enforcement process, in order to avoid the many dangers and pitfalls that may result. NSIP Law has proven itself to be both highly effective and cost efficient in assisting its clients with meeting these many complex challenges. In the future, we look forward to being given the opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise to assist many new clients throughout the world.” Best Utility and Design Patent Law Firm - Mid-Atlantic USA & Recognized Leader in Patent Prosecution – Washington, D.C.

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