2017 Legal Awards

16 Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2017 Being US, European and international patent attorneys operating through a Swiss-based firm, Da Vinci Partners can represent essentially any client regardless of their country of domicile before the US and Swiss Patent and Trademark Office, as well as the European Patent Office. We invited John Moetteli to talk to us about the law firm, and what makes it attractive to clients. sing its extensive network of correspondents, Da Vinci Partners can manage any intellectual property matter anywhere in the world. The firm represents clients from start-up ventures to large corporations in a wide range of intellectual property matters involving patent, trademark and copyright procurement, litigation and licensing, as well as computer law, with particular emphasis on software patenting and licensing. The team is competent to help clients procure patent protection in a wide variety of technical fields, including computer software, mechanics, electronics, medical devices chemistry and biotechnologies. John goes into more detail about what the practice offers. “Regarding patents, although based in Europe, we generally choose to file in the US first because, although the laws are now more harmonized, the US still offers the flexible provisional application and six more hours to file an application given the time difference with Europe. Additionally, the country allows filing patent applications in any language, and enables the protection of trade secrets while still reserving patent rights given that the US is the last remaining jurisdiction in which you can prevent your patent application from publishing until you are satisfied with the scope of patent protection you are able to obtain.” John describes how it feels for Da Vinci Partners to win this award, and what he attributes to the success of the firm. The services that the company offers are a key aspect of what makes the company successful, as well as its client focused approach, something John alludes to. “Firstly, we at Da Vinci Partners appreciate the recognition. We owe our success to providing client-oriented, global intellectual property services aimed at ensuring our client’s long-term success. We never suggest services we do not believe the client needs, and we always suggest a route that maximizes the value of our client’s IP portfolio by ensuring that each investment is accompanied by current market and competitive information, thereby helping the client make the appropriate business decision.” Da Vinci Partners sets itself apart from its competitors thanks to its versatile services. The fact Company: Da Vinci Partners LLC Contact Name: John Moetteli Email: moetteli@ davincipartners.com Address: Rathausgasse 1, 9320 Arbon, Switzerland Telephone: +41 71 230 1000 Website: www.davincipartners.com Da Vinci Partners LLC U LA170043 that the practice is able to file patent and trademark applications in a variety of countries enables the team to provide advice on a worldwide basis without the client having to do extensive research within the market, as staff at Da Vinci partners already possess this knowledge. “Crucially, our firm is qualified to prepare and file patent and trademark applications for clients directly in the US, Europe, Switzerland and Germany. We can therefore also provide strategic advice to clients on how to proceed in these markets without having to first seek the advice of a middle man. This also means we can provide quick and cost-effective advice regarding issues that can affect our client’s IP properties in many critical World markets.” Discussing the legal profession currently, John comments on the fact that the industry is building a more global presence. Staff must be able to advise and work on a worldwide basis, and providing clients with the services and advice they need all around the globe. “Interestingly, the legal profession is becoming more global. It is no longer sufficient to be able to advise clients in your home jurisdiction. To empower clients with the information they need to succeed, you must provide globally oriented services, cognizant of the advantages and disadvantages that each jurisdiction or market offers.” In his concluding comments, John signs off by telling us about the culture within the company and how this is vital to the success of the law firm, both in the present and going forwards. He talks about putting the client first and how this is the most rewarding aspect of working in the legal industry, before finally mentioning what the plans are for the future of Da Vinci Partners. “Ultimately, honesty and integrity is nurtured here, with mutual respect for all employees, partners and collaborators. We also nurture an absolute dedication to our client’s best interest. The contribution we make to our client’s success, is probably the most rewarding aspect of our profession. Lastly, we are growing our Asia practice. Asia has become an indispensable part of the Global economy, and therefore the protection of IP rights there has become critical. Best IP Law Firm - Switzerland

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