2017 Legal Awards

14 Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2017 Bargate Murray is a boutique luxury asset law firm with a focus on providing a bespoke, personal service, acting for clients throughout the world. We invited Senior Partner and founder of Bargate Murray, Quentin Bargate to tell us more about the firm and the services it provides. stablished in 2004, Bargate Murray is a specialist law firm dedicated to supporting clients with a wide range of luxury asset issues, as Quentin explains. “At Bargate Murray we are specialists in the highly niche area of luxury assets. There is arguably no asset more luxurious than a superyacht, and in this field we are widely recognised as one of the leading firms internationally. Of course there is more to the field of luxury assets than just superyachts; as such we also cover a number of other areas such as aviation, classic cars, fine art, and vintage wine as well as offering corporate & business and dispute resolution services.” “We have extensive experience in all aspects of superyacht law including yacht construction, yacht sale and purchase, yacht regulation, yacht finance, and taxation. We work with a number of prominent ultra high net worth individuals alongside other industry professionals such as owners’ representatives, family offices, yacht captains, yacht managers and shipyards to name a few.” A key feature of Bargate Murray’s approach to client service is the firm’s hands-on personal service and commitment to discretion and confidentiality. Rather than delivering a ‘one size Company: Bargate Murray Contact: Quentin Bargate, Senior Partner Address: Bargate Murray Limited, 44 Worship Street, London, EC2A 2EA Phone: +44 (0) 2073751393 Email: contact@ bargatemurray.com Web: www.bargatemurray.com LuxuryAsset Law Firm BargateMurray E LA170032 fits all’ approach, the team tailor their services around the needs of the individual clients. As such, Quentin is understandably proud of the team and eager to discuss how the firm works to ensure that they enjoy a supportive and collaborative working environment. “Here at Bargate Murray, we are an equal opportunities employer. Our team is passionate about us and passionate about what we do. This ensures that collectively, we are able to provide our clients with the first-class care, support and advice that we are so well known for. When recruiting, we offer the opportunity to join an exceptional team of professionals, with near-endless room for personal progression, which in turn, contributes to the success of the firm as a whole. We are reported to have appointed the youngest managing partner of a City of London firm on record at the age of 29, and another partner at the age of 27. This goes to prove our ethos of rewarding our staff for hard work, dedication and capability, not necessarily just on time-served within the firm. “Fundamentally, it is the niche expertise of our staff that sets us apart from our competitors. At Bargate Murray the whole team is focused on the world of luxury asset law, in particular superyachts and private aviation. We have the experience and technical expertise that comes with our total dedication to this field. In addition, each client is managed at partner level receiving the utmost in service and attention. When it comes to supporting our clients, we are dedicated lawyers first and foremost, but any ideas of stuffy boardrooms are eschewed upon first meeting. We encourage our staff to think outside of the box and inject their personality in to their work.” “Overall, the legal profession in the UK and overseas has seen continued growth over recent years which has and continues to enable marked development for smaller, niche focused players in the industry such as ourselves. There are always new regulations and hurdles to overcome, but on the whole the future is bright.” Therefore, there are many exciting opportunities for Bargate Murray to grow and expand, as Quentin concludes. “Moving forwards, our aim at Bargate Murray is to grow and provide an even wider range of clients with the supportive service that we have become renowned for. We have a great team of staff currently, but we are always looking to reinforce this with new employees who are as committed to excellence as we are.” Best Luxury Asset Law Firm - UK & Excellence Award for Superyacht Law

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