2017 Legal Awards

10 Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2017 Sally-Ann Dickinson is a Nursing Consultant in Personal Injury and Medical Negligence Case work and an Immediate Needs and Rehabilitation Case Manager. Sally-Ann tells us more about her experience and what motivates her to provide such a high standard of service. ally-Ann Dickinson possesses a wealth of experience within the healthcare industry. She has spent some of her previous years teaching Registered and Licensure student nurses at a University in St Kitts & Nevis (IUON), which she describes as a very exciting and enjoyable experience, lecturing in a cool and open building beside the sea. This placement gave her an insight into the difficulties that student nurses were facing and the differences between the nurse’s roles in different countries. Whilst there, Sally-Ann worked in a state of the art simulation suite for training students. She outlined some of her other previous experiences to us, and how this experience has helped her in her rehabilitation background. “Previously, I have worked in the acute, community areas via the NHS, Charitable organisations, internationally and Private organisations. Currently, I work as an independent nursing and rehabilitation consultant within the legal field and as a CQC Specialist Advisor concerning acute ward needs, which are mainly surgical and community placements for rehabilitation and long stay clients” “It is a challenge working in the legal arena when your background is in nursing first where your client is the patient and not a legal individual. Having a rehabilitation background has allowed me to be able to look at a client’s needs from all angles and not just care for them, but enabling them to care for themselves with the correct support, housing and equipment provision.” Relying on her experience in both the healthcare industry and the legal sector, Sally-Ann is able to undertake case management for clients either pre-settlement or post-settlement of their cases. She informs us of some of the work which she undertakes, detailing what attributes she believes help her to be successful in her role. Being robust and firm is sometimes required in both sectors, but overall transparency is an important factor in providing a quality service. “Fundamentally, when working as a jointly appointed case manager, but having the advocate position for the Claimant, many conflicts can occur between Company: Sally-Ann Dickinson RGN -Independent Nursing and Rehabilitation Consultant Contact: Sally-Ann Dickinson Email: sallyann.dickinson@ briarhouse.co.uk Address: 5 St Giles Close, Holme, Peterborough, PE7 3 QZ, UK Phone: 01487 830014 Sally-Ann Dickinson Sally-Ann Dickinson RGN S LA170002 the different parties’ wishes and understanding of needs. If you hold dear the principle of the Claimant being the centre of all dealings, then you cannot go wrong. You do however need to be robust and firm in your dealings with all multidisciplinary team members, including the legal teams and very confident in your plans and procedures for, and with, the Claimants”. “Regarding communication, I believe an open book policy should be followed at all times within this role with all parties receiving the same information at the same time. I worked with a rehabilitation firm for a time as a case manager and they utilised computer programmes that allowed this to occur so that each party felt involved to the same level. I would like to see such programmes working fully in the case management arena in the future.” There are many changes that Sally-Ann would like to see, both in the legal and healthcare sector. A more individual and unique approach to each specific clients’ needs would be beneficial in a variety of cases. “Within the legal and healthcare sectors, I would like to see more in depth liaison between statutory and private rehabilitation services in the best interests of the individual and I strive for this in my case management roles. It is so important to look at individual rehabilitation programmes and approaches and offer a bespoke original programme to each client. If any part of an individual’s needs is missed in a rehabilitation programme or unrealistic goals are set, then the rehabilitation is not likely to be successful. I would very much like to see changes in this area, and will continue to campaign in this respect”. Ultimately, Sally-Ann has offered a variety of services, and succeeded in each venture she has come across. Looking forward, she plans to set up a help line for individuals which will offer advice and information on any aspects that she feels she can help with, such as disability or trauma and accident needs. The help line will also help people find a solicitor to represent their specific needs.

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