2016 Finance Awards

8 / International Finance Awards 2016 www.acquisition-intl.com/2016-finance-awards Martin Place Securities’ primary operations are in capital raising (in mostly equities) with a record of over A$1,000m in over 30 IPOs, rights issues and hundreds of smaller private placements. The business is strongly research focussed with emphasis on recognising early opportunities accompanied by expert due diligence. Serving two types of clients, the firm’s corporate clients are mostly those with smaller developments but with longer term strategic or regional potential to make them bigger industry players. Funding clients are institutional or experienced investors and have individual segregated longer term portfolios that emphasise liquidity and patience to achieve above average returns. What unites all the firm’s clients, as Barry explains, is that they all receive the same high quality service from an experienced firm which is on a mission to offer the highest quality of service. “Here at MPS, our mission is to be the premier provider of capital raising and investment advice in the sector and already have a strong 16-year history providing this. The resources sector has experienced unprecedented volatility in the past eight years so experienced advice is critical to meeting all clients’ requirements. “The track record of choice of corporate client and delivering outstanding returns for investor clients provides a strong platform and the use of thorough, innovative and insightful research that engages social media ad broadcast media has given global exposure.” The company prides itself with being the advisor of choice for many in the resources sector. All staff recognise this and like to provide the best for all clients and assist staff in achieving admirable outcomes, which Barry believes is key to the firm’s strong success in recent years. “MPS has had a stellar June 2016 FY through two major landmark deals (the largest ASX-listed China asset IPO and the underwriting the largest rights issue of the year for an ASX-listed Australian asset run by Chinese investors). The firm has also managed over a dozen significant capital raisings in important Australian resources stocks. “This strong success can be attributed to our commitment to providing exceptional innovative and experienced advice to all clients through personal contact, social media, presentations and timely research.” “In addition, outsourcing of basic procedural needs frees officers to providing accurate and timely advice on needs and wants.” Currently, the Australian capital markets are suffering from a severe loss of leadership and has structural impediments that prevent correct flow of investable capital. An overly pessimistic sentiment level combined with bureaucratic interference has reduced access to capital at a time of massive surpluses of capital and generational low interest rates. Redeploying bank deposits that exceed national GDP and restructuring overly large pension fund levels is a major challenge that requires national leadership and reduced bureaucratic interference. China is the major economic influence but a lack of familiarity and understanding severely limits development of the opportunities. The current misreading of China underlies much of the current malaise. Looking to the future of the wider funds industry, a major cyclical low has been reached and the outlook is for a recovery that will last several years and provide excellent business opportunities and outstanding returns for investors. Barry believes that the firm is well placed to take advantage of the opportunities this will bring. “In the funds industry, the redeployment of funds from bonds and cash will provide a massive long term opportunity to participate in the redirection that will include significantly higher investment levels. “MPS has planned for this recovery and has a full pipeline of opportunities and is ready for a plethora of cross- related opportunities that are likely to emerge.” Company: Martin Place Securities Name: Barry Dawes Email: bdase@mpsecurities.com.au Web Address: www.mpsecurities.com.au Address: Level 6 9 Barrack Street Telephone: +61 2 9222 9111 Martin Place Securities (MPS) is a boutique investment house established in 2000 to focus on Australian and Global investment opportunities in resources and energy. We caught up with Barry Dawes to learn more about the firm and its service offering. Best Emerging Mining & Energy Securities Advisory - Australia

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