2016 Finance Awards

International Finance Awards 2016 / 7 OE160004 ITS provides total solutions and systems intermigration to clients around the world, with a focus on supporting the financial market, with clients including banks and major investment firms. A complete range of retail and corporate banking solutions is provided, and in recent years the firm has begun to focus specifically on supporting the Islamic banking sector, as Fahad outlines. “At ITS we support clients from across the banking and financial services market. In recent years we have begun to specialise in Islamic banking, as this is an emerging sector which has not been explored fully by our competitors, and there is a lot of space for expansion and the introduction of new products.” The firm’s flagship range is its ETHIX financial solutions, which are designed to support financial institutions to reach operational excellence, accommodate growth and achieve cost leadership in financial services. ETHIX provides multi-channelled corporate and retail products and services in Islamic finance and investment including core banking, trade finance, branch automation, online banking, dashboards and reports in addition to other products and services. Saving clients’ money and allowing them to integrate new technology into their operations is critical as the financial market is highly competitive and ever evolving, as Fahad emphasises. “In addition, we also support clients in remaining compliant with the latest regulations by partnering with industry leaders across the risk and compliance sectors, including cyber security, compliance and regulatory. This collaborative approach ensures that our solutions are always at the forefront of developments across the financial market, and as such so are our clients.” This helps the firm to achieve its overall mission: to be a profitable cutting-edge IT and business solutions provider with the highest standards of quality, agile delivery and highest level of satisfaction to our shareholders, customers, and employees. With this in mind, as he looks towards the future Fahad believes that the need to innovate will only grow, as clients demand greater connectivity and access to banking on new devices such as mobiles and through social networks. “As demand changes from our clients’ customers, who seek to access their banking through new technology, we have to work hard to keep up with these ever changing needs and provide our clients with innovative solutions. This is our focus going forward, as we put all our energy into creating new and exciting solutions which will meet our clients’ needs and help prepare them for the digital age. “The Internet of Things and Beacon technology are just two innovations which we are supporting clients with, offering them integration support which will ensure that they are able to utilise this technology to the best of their abilities. We are also keen to enrich our current offering, adding new features to allow clients to adapt to the changing financial environment. Overall, we look forward to the opportunities the future will provide for us and believe that we have a bright and prosperous time ahead.” Company: International Turnkey Systems Address: ITS Tower, Mubrak Al Kabeer Street, Kuwait City Phone: (00965) 22409100 Fax: (00965) 22402797 Website: www.its.ws International Turnkey Systems (ITS), a leading integrated information technology solutions and software services provider, offers world class quality IT solutions and services that enable companies of all sizes to keep up to date with the ever evolving and increasingly competitive business environment. We invited Fahad Al Rashdan, the firm’s Chief Strategy Officer, to tell us more. Best Integrated IT Solutions Provider - Middle East & Most Innovative Financial Transactions Solution: ETHIX-MOBILE “Our clients work in a changeable and competitive market, and as such ITS is committed to supporting their growth and ensuring that they remain at the forefront of the latest innovations and developments. We help them integrate new technologies such as the Cloud, social media capabilities and mobile solutions.

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