2016 Finance Awards

6 / International Finance Awards 2016 www.acquisition-intl.com/2016-finance-awards The principal purpose of BCDPI is to be an in-house adviser to Barclays, originating and executing M&A transactions and investments to a best-in-class standard. Its strong process discipline and collective expertise constitute a source of competitive advantage for Barclays. Francesco describes the work the department does within the M&A space. “Our department’s main purpose is to facilitate M&A transaction origination and execution for the Barclays Group, with Principal Investment activities being embedded into the team currently. This vital work helps Barclays to achieve its overall aim to become a bank that will help to redefine the future of banking – a Transatlantic Consumer, Corporate and Investment Bank. Announced in March 2016, the Bank’s new strategy entails three major initiatives, two of which BCDPI is at the heart of. The Barclays Non-Core strategy will see the Bank accelerate disposals and run-downs in order to facilitate resource liberation. The second of the three strategies is Barclays Africa, which involves the sell-down to a de-consolidating position in order to adjust the Bank’s risk/reward profile on these assets. Finally, there is Structural Reform, whereby the bank creates legal entities to future-proof Group structural reform needs to comply with post-crisis legislative requirements. Collectively these strategies chart the future of the Bank’s operation as a transatlantic bank, and with BCDPI at the heart of the first two of these, it is clear that the team is central to delivering the new shape of the Group. Currently BCDPI comprises a highly qualified and experienced team of 30 colleagues with 281 years of cumulative Corporate Finance experience, striving to be the distant number one team in corporate development and principal investments in the banking industry. As his concluding comment, Francesco talks us through how the firm will continue to build upon his team going forward as it seeks to expand its service offering and better support the bank. “The Corporate Development Team will expand to include Principal Investment colleagues so that we can offer a broader, consolidated range of services to Barclays, and build upon recent success. As we close the remaining deals for the second half of this year, we are also looking beyond at opportunities to enhance Barclays through new capabilities acquired.” Contact Details Company: Barclays Bank PLC Website: https://www.home.barclays/ BCDPI is the in-house Corporate Development and Principal Investments team for Barclays Bank PLC. We invited its Group Head, Francesco Ceccato, to talk us through the work his department undertakes. Corporate Development Team of the Year Since the start of 2015, we have completed 34 M&A transactions and anticipate completing further transactions in H2 2016.”

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